Galtar and the Golden Lance

Season 1 Episode 4

Goleeta's Reunion

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Tormack captures Goleeta's little brother, Zorn. He plans to use him as bait to lure Goleeta into a trap. He sends out Rak and Tuk to get Goleeta to come to the mines and into his trap. They go and they find Goleeta alone while Galtar is out scouting ahead. They lead her into the trap and she is captured by Tormack. Tormack gives the dwarfs their reward and sends them on their way.

While Rak and Tuk are arguing over who gets what share of the reward, they run into Galtar and find they have been tricked by Tormack. The bag he gave them is full of rocks. They tell Galtar where Goleeta is and he goes to find her.

Galtar is able to get past the ogre, Drago, and slip inside the mines. He uses a disguise but is discovered when the lance shows from underneath the clothing. The lance is knocked from his hand and he too is captured. Tormack puts Galtar in a pit with Goleeta and Zorn. He then releases a giant lizard that is intent on making them his dinner. Tormack leaves and Zorn gets an idea. He lures the lizard back towards its cage and jumps up to avoid the charging monster and cuts the rope to close the cage door. They climb out on the rope of the cage and they find that Otar has found the Golden Lance and is taking it to Tormack but they trip him and get the lance back.

They get past Drago by tying his feet together and race past. Drago gets himself loose and is in hot pursuit along with Tormack and his men. They first lose Drago in a sandstorm and then Galtar uses his Golden Lance to knock down two giant trees and block the path and they are able to escape.