Galtar and the Golden Lance

Season 1 Episode 3

Mursa The Merciless

Aired Unknown Sep 16, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Galtar and Goleeta are traveling through a canyon and Thork slips on the ledge and they fall. They land at the bottom and both are o.k. but Galtar has lost the Golden Lance. Thork finds it for him and Goleeta finds a wall and they go through the opening. They come out and find a dwarf who uses a crude elevator to lift them up to his master, Mursa. Mursa tells them that the dwarf is named Tuk and is the son of Rak who sold him to her for a goat. Galtar hear Thork making a noise and goes to check. While Galtar is out, Mura puts a spell on Goleeta and makes her want to stay with her.

When Galtar returns, he says that they need to leave and Goleeta says that she is staying. Galtar can't believe that she wants to stay but agrees to leave by himself. Mursa takes Goleeta back into another chamber after Galtar leaves and uses another spell to take away her youth and Mursa changes into Goleeta.

Galtar is attacked by some flying creatures and is about to be carried off when a white knight appears and saves him from the creatures. Galtar tells the knight what has happened and the knight says they need to hurry because she is in grave danger.

Meanwhile, Mursa goes down and is captured by Rak and Tuk. They made a deal to split the reward for Goleeta when they bring her to Tormack, but Tuk thinks that something is wrong and Rak overrules him.

Galtar and the knight arrive to find Goleeta has already had her youth stolen and she is standing with Mursa's other victims. They are attacked by a giant snake but they work together and destroy the monster. Galtar thinks they are too late, but the knight touches Goleeta and she starts to regain her youth. She comes around and asks Galtar what has happened.

Rak and Tuk bring what they think is Goleeta to Tormack and she changes back into Mursa before their eyes. Tormack is furious with Rak and throws him into the dungeon and puts Tuk in with him.

Galtar and Goleeta thank the knight for his help and he reveals himself to be a knight of virtue and disappears.
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