Galtar and the Golden Lance

(ended 1986)


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  • I absolutely loved this show. I remember that this show used to come on after the new Johnny Quest on Sunday mornings, before I was forced to go to the misery that is a southern baptist church sermon.

    This was a truly amazing show. I know that I am saying this even though I haven\'t seen this in about 15 years, but this was the only thing that gave me the motivation to get up on Sunday mornings (and of course a strong cup of joe). Hooray for Hannah Barbara for giving the world this gem, if only for a very truncated time period! They desperately need to work on bring this show back: to dvd, late night weekend Cartoon Network (especially if after ATHF), or heaven forbid its original time slot on Sunday mornings on Fox! So in summary if there are any people who remember or even grew up watching this show, please comment and let the rest of the viewing world know how you felt.