Galtar and the Golden Lance

Season 1 Episode 6

Tormack's Trap

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1985 on

Episode Recap

A young woman is being chased by Otar and his men. They capture her after a brief fight and he ties her up above a pit that has a giant scorpion-like monster in it. Galtar, Goleeta, and Zorn hear her scream and they come to the rescue. They save her in the nick of time and escape. She tells them that her name is Rava and she is the daughter of a tribal chief and Tormack had captured her but she escaped. She tells them that she used a secret tunnel to escape and Galtar asks her to lead them to it so they can sneak in and get Goleeta's shield back.

On the way to Tormack's fortress, Otar meets with Rava and the dwarfs, Rak and Tuk, overhear the meeting and they figure they can use the information to make some money. They see that Goleeta is getting a little jealous of Rava and they try and warn her but she doesn't believe them at first.

As they are approaching the fortress, Rak and Tuk try and warn Goleeta once more and this time she pays them and believes them. She tries to convince Galtar but he thinks that her jealousy has clouded her judgment. They follow Rava into the cave and in the dark, she takes Galtar's Golden Lance and leaves and they fall into a trap and rolled out in a cage.

Tormack double crosses Rava and she plans to get even with him. She goes and hires Rak and Tuk to help her rescue the others and they pull it off. They go and find the Golden Lance but get trapped in the courtyard back with the cage. Rava slips her bracelet to Goleeta and tells her to press the black crystal and she tells them to go and she will act like she was their prisoner and Tormack will believe her. They get in the cage and Tormack thinks they have accidentally trapped themselves and Goleeta presses the button. Ravensclaw is summoned and he grabs the cage and flies them away.
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