Galtar and the Golden Lance

Season 1 Episode 6

Tormack's Trap

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1985 on



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    • Goleeta: Galtar.
      Galtar: What's wrong?
      Goleeta: We can't go on. Rava is leading us into a trap!
      Galtar: A trap? Who told you that?
      Goleeta: Rak and Tuk.
      Galtar: Those two? How can you have faith in anything they say?
      Goleeta: This time I trust them.
      Galtar: Oh, I get it. It's because of Rava, isn't it?
      Goleeta: Don't be stupid.
      Galtar: Well don't be jealous.
      Goleeta: They saw her talking to Otar.
      Galtar: And you believed them?
      Goleeta: (gets angry) Ooh! Have it your way! I warned you!
      Galtar: Well I'll be. Goleeta is actually jealous.

    • (Rak and Tuk jump from their hiding place in front of Goleeta)
      Goleeta: You two? What are you doing here?
      Tuk: Warning you.
      Rak: You're walking into a trap.
      Goleeta: What?!
      Tuk: We tried to tell you before.
      Rak: But you wouldn't listen and now the price (for information) has gone up.
      Goleeta: Why should I trust you?
      Tuk: Why should you trust Rava? At least with us you get what you pay for.

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