Galtar and the Golden Lance

Season 1 Episode 7

Wicked Alliance

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Krimm goes to Mursa and makes her a deal. If they can defeat Galtar and retrieve the Golden Lance for Tormack then Krimm will revoke the banishment that Tormack gave to Mursa. Mursa agrees and they combine their magic to create a stone monster that attacks Galtar, Goleeta, and Zorn. It grabs Galtar and he drops the lance and the monster starts to walk away. Goleeta has an idea and she and Zorn make the creature mad and make it come back for them. Goleeta uses the arm band to create an ice patch and the monster slips on it and crashes to the ground and falls into pieces releasing Galtar.

Rak and Tuk see that Krimm and Mura have teamed up and Rak thinks that this is his opportunity to be Tormack's new sorcerer. He and Tuk to to see the retired sorcerer, Olock. They make it to his shop and as Tuk keeps him busy, Rak steals his book of spells and they transport themselves to Tormack. Olock knows that he must get the book back.

Rak and Tuk appear in Tormack's grand hall and create mayhem. Tormack threatens Rak and Rak tells him about Krimm. Tormack tells Rak to take him to Krimm and he might let him take his place.

Galtar and Goleeta are near a river and find a creature named Tycoomb. He offers to let them rest in his home. Krimm and Mura appear and create tidal waves in the river. Tycoomb tries to stop the first one and disappears. Then another wave crashes into the building and sweeps our heroes out into the water. Mursa and Krimm then freeze Goleeta in the water and start the ware boiling around Zorn and then create cement to trap Galtar. Tormack shows up with Rak and Tuk about this time and Rak accidentally says the wrong word and Mura and Krimm's spells are broken and the heroes are freed. Rak and Tuk run for their lives and our heroes once again escape from Tormack.
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