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  • Season 3
    • Game Heads Best of 2007
      Game Head looks back over the year and it's greatest gaming news moments. From development team exclusive interviews to the Halo 3 launch all of gamings best moments from 2007 are showcased.
    • The Best VGA 2007 Special In The Universe
      Game Head goes to the 2007 Spike Video Game Awards in Las Vegas. Also Geoff gets the take of industry experts on this years nominees.
    • Violence In Games
      Violence In Games
      Episode 35
      He's been called an ambulance chaser, he's the loudest attorney in the room on the violence in games debate - Jack Thompson joins the show alongside game creator Lorne Lanning, journalist Ngai Croal, and filmmaker Spencer Halpin to dissect the issue of mature rated games.
    • Harmonix Studios
      Harmonix Studios
      Episode 34
      Game goes to Harmonix Studios to meet with the team behind the game "Rock Band" and brings reviews for "Call of Duty 4" and "Assassins Creed".
    • Mass Effect
      Mass Effect
      Episode 33
      Game Head travels to Bio Ware studios to talk to the creators of the game "Mass Effect".
    • E For All Expo
      E For All Expo
      Episode 32
      Game Head travels to the new E3 for fans Expo. Which is open to the public and gaming vendors.
    • The Simpsons Game
      The Simpsons Game
      Episode 31
      Game Head talks to the development team behind the upcoming Simpsons Game.
    • Call of Duty 4 Special
      Game Head travels to Infinity Studios the developers behind the upcoming "Call of Duty 4" game.
    • World Cyber Games
      World Cyber Games
      Episode 29
      Game Head travels to the world cyber games. America's biggest gaming conference and gateway to representing America in the world wide competition for the winning team.
    • Hollywood and Videogames
      Game head travel to Hollywood and looks at the link between video games and Hollywood.
    • Halo 3 Launched
      Halo 3 Launched
      Episode 27
      Game Head travels around the world to showcase celebrations and products related to the "Halo 3" game launch.
    • EA Studio Showcase
      EA Studio Showcase
      Episode 26
      Sneak preview of games including "Burnout Paradise" and "Spore."
    • Halo 3 Project Revolution Tour
      Game Head goes on location to the Project Revolution tour. Here artist and fans have access to the final version of Halo 3.
    • EA Chicago
      EA Chicago
      Episode 24
      Game Head goes to Chicago to talk to the development team behind the latest Marvel Comics action game.
    • Stranglehold Special
      Game Head goes to Chicago and talks with the developers at Midway about their new game "Stranglehold".
    • Madden NFL 08 Kick Off
      Game Head travels to New York to celebrate the launch of "Madden 08" the latest in the Madden line of football themed games.
    • Comic Con 07
      Comic Con 07
      Episode 21
      Geoff heads to Comic Con 2007 and covers up and coming video game titles. Games such as "The Simpsons Game", "Heroes", and "Bioshock".
    • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Creators Naughty Dog, Inc
      First there was "crash", then there was "Jak and Daxter", and now Naughty Dog is back with "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune", a realistic treasure hunting action game that pits you against modern day pirates. Game Head gets an in depth look at this PS3 exclusive. Plus! Gametrailers downloads an interview with the director of the controversial video game documentary "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters."moreless
    • E3 Hangover Special
      E3 is finally over but we still can't talk about it! Game Head's E3 2007 Hangover Special puts together a panel of the video game industries' most respected journalists to debate the trade show's greatest hits and biggest disappointments. Plus! Gametrailers goes on location to the green with golf god Tiger Woods, and downloads the new "Lost" video game!moreless
    • The Voice of Mario: Charles Martinet
      Game Head travels to Sausalito, CA to meet Charles Martinet - the voice actor who is responsible for bringing life to Mario, Luigi, Wario, and many more of your favorite Nintendo characters. Plus! Gametrailers goes on location to squeeze some hotties at a Juiced 2 event and downloads a virtual throwdown between CAPCOM and KONAMI.moreless
    • E3 2007 Special
      E3 2007 Special
      Episode 19
      Game Head goes to the biggest video game conference of them all, E3, to talk to the industries top suits - Microsoft's Peter Moore, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime, and Sony's Jack Tretton about all the hottest upcoming games and hardware. This is one Game Head you cannot miss! Plus! Gametrailers goes on location with UFC's Rampage Jackson and downloads a few E3 games that may have fallen under the radar.moreless
    • Super Mario Bros. Creator Shigeru Miyamoto
      Game designer, innovator, icon. This week Game Head honors Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto. He is the creator of "Donkey Kong","Super Mario Bros", "The Legend of Zelda" series and much more. We explore the career of the man who is not only responsible for reviving the US video game business in the late 80's, but who is also still recruiting new gamers one Wii mote at a time.moreless
    • God of War II Special
      Kratos is back! From Colossus to Pegasus, we explore the making of one of this year's most anticipated titles - God of War II. Find out about all the new levels, puzzles, magic, and more in this super sized game head special. Plus, downloads their top 3 moments from the first God of War!moreless
    • Star Wars Celebration IV
      A long time ago.(in 1982) The first Star Wars video game was released on the ATARI 2600. 25 years later, Game Head goes to Star Wars Celebration IV to cover Lucasarts latest titles- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, and Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron.
    • ATARI Founder Nolan Bushnell
      Game Head travels to woodland hills, ca, to meet up with Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and creator of Pong, at his latest interactive entertainment restaurant combining casual games and good food- Uwink. Find out what this innovator thinks about the current state of the video game industry and the Atari of today. Plus! Gametrailers goes on location to the Quebec City Ice Hotel to check out EA's "SSX Blur" and they download their top videos after the Game Developers Conference '07.moreless
    • Gears of War Creators: Epic Games
      Game Head travel to Epic Games the creators of "Gears of War" and the "Unreal Tournament" series of games.
    • NBA All Star Weekend
      GAME HEAD travels to the NBA All Star game in Las Vegas to cover all things gaming & go 1-on-1 with a few NBA superstars. First stop, we head to the 2k Celebrity Game where we catch up with Wayne Newton & Nelly, then its off to the "Pimp my PS3s" Playstation parlor for an exclusive tour, and finally, we hit the NBA Street Home Court Party & talk to NBA superstars Carmelo Anthony, Tony Parker, and more! Plus! GT on location hits the strip to find out what's the fanmoreless
    • Dice Summit 2007
      Dice Summit 2007
      Episode 4
      GAME HEAD celebrates "The Year of Game" at this year's Dice Summit in Las Vegas. Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime, Sony Computer Entertainment's Phil Harrison and Microsoft Game Studios' Shane Kim and Phil Spencer all weigh in on what gamers can expect from the Big 3 in 2007. Plus! goes on location on the Interactive Achievement Awards red carpet and downloads their top 3 most innovative games.moreless
    • Madden Bowl
      Madden Bowl
      Episode 3
      GAME HEAD Goes to the 2007 Madden Bowl to talk to past and present NFL superstars including: Dan Marino, Shaun Alexander, Daunte Culpepper, Chad Johnson, and more...
    • Sega of America
      Sega of America
      Episode 2
      Sega! Clever marketing campaign in the early 90's or a ubiquitous war cry for our nation's youth? You be the judge when you check GAME HEAD'S look at what Sega of America has to offer in 2007 including "Virtua Tennis 3", "Virtua Fighter 5", "Sonic and the Secret Rings" for the Wii and much much more!moreless
    • 2007 Preview
      2007 Preview
      Episode 1
      2006 may have been the year of the new consoles, but this year it's all about the games. GAME HEAD travels to internet gaming super site IGN, to get the down-low on the upcoming titles:"Halo 3", "Super Smash Brothers Brawl", "Spore," and more.
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