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AIRED ON 6/15/2014

Season 4 : Episode 10

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Game of Thrones is an HBO adaptation of American author George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy novel series published by HarperCollins, A Song of Ice and Fire. The show explores a medieval-like fantasy world with its plethora of characters all struggling in the only game that matters--the game of thrones. And in this game you either win or you die, there is no middle ground.

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  • Game Of Thrones.

    Game Of Thrones it's one of the best TV series of the last 3 years.
  • wonderful

    I like Game of thrones and House of cards very much!!! I watch these shows every month. I recommend to watch thhese shows at . Who can name other shows which are similar to Game of thrones and House of cards. Did you play game created on base of that show?
  • Soap Operas

    I cannot understand America's fascination with soap opera. Dune was made into a movie and more books followed but it did not continue as middle, middle, middle of a soap opera series. I guess that is better than America's fascination with death with the same story line that goes from program to program. One of the main characters has their life hanging by a hair. Tune in next week to see if they live. A child is always kidnapped. A love affair must develop between two characters, and on, and on. Nothing original. Just change the characters. Then TV had a plethora of vampires. Story lines were getting repetitive. Enter the zombies. Now TV can rehash the same story lines only with zombies. That almost being exhausted a new angle had to be tried to rehash the same old plots. Enter the mostly good zombies of Resurrection. Now another rehashing can be had. That too is wearing thing. Enter the evil aliens to rehash. That didn't last that long. Some brilliant writer took the Ebola outbreak as a plot for the next Armageddon. Be prepared. TV is due for a rehash. Of course watchers can always break out the Kleenex for the poor drug maker dying of cancer no matter how many lives are destroyed with his product, or pushing it. Thank God I got rid of my TV. I now read, listen to music, or watch DVDs. All have endings. Even the music has a coda. News I can get on-line. My entertainment time is just that now and not inundated with garbage.moreless
  • Best show

    This is probably one of the best shows ever
  • The Viper

    I really liked Prince Obyern from the start,i really did not like how the fight ended with the mountain,he took his eyes away for 1 second & that was it!!I really liked this season,however i'm not at all happy that The Boltens are warden of the am glad that Tywin is dead!!I can't wait till season 5,it keeps getting better!!!

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