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AIRED ON 6/14/2015

Season 5 : Episode 10

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Game of Thrones is an HBO adaptation of American author George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy novel series published by HarperCollins, A Song of Ice and Fire. The show explores a medieval-like fantasy world with its plethora of characters all struggling in the only game that matters--the game of thrones. And in this game you either win or you die, there is no middle ground.

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Fan Reviews (240)

  • Episode 4

    I really enjoyed this episode. Probably the best one so far in my opinion (with the possible exception of the first one)

    I didn`t reveal that Sera was a bastard. I still got the information by lying to the guy and i think it`s in my best interest for me to be on Sera`s good side since Margaery is pissed at me right now.

    I ended up punching Gryff a couple of times because i didn`t realize you could stop, but didn`t maim him.

    I took Finn with me because he had been a solid bro earlier and defended me in front of frostfinger.

    I didn`t let Beskha kill the slaver because i was afraid that Daenerys would get angry with me. I regret it in retrospect, especially since it seems Daenerys is going to go back on the deal according to the next episode preview.moreless
  • The Hound season 6 spoiler

    There is a rumor that the Hound is alive because the actor who plays him, Rory, has been spotted at the season 6 shooting location but since Arya has started worshipping the no face God maybe she will use his face for some unforeseen plot a then again he could still be alive!
  • The beginning of the end?

    season 5 might be the beginning of the end, we might end up with another dexter, because the story arc seems to be collapsing, and dragons won't be able to save it . Unforturtanely this is too long a story and where every character we love seems to lose their lives what can we expect but disappointment ?
  • Movie Facts

    The Global Warming Facts, Space Facts The Science Trivia, Science Facts
  • Game of The Thrones is a 10 hrs Per Year Show

    A good show fighting so hard to fail. Game of the thrones is a 10 hours a Year show of Never Ending plot showcasing a group of characters heading to a destination they have no intention of reaching. Along the way, treat includes molesting female characters! killing the Good, celebrating the Bad, and coronating the Worst. It's coming back Next Year with extreme inhumanity to a television near you. I'll wait for Series Finalemoreless

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