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Game of Thrones is an HBO adaptation of American author George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy novel series published by HarperCollins, A Song of Ice and Fire. The show explores a medieval-like fantasy world with its plethora of characters all struggling in the only game that matters--the game of thrones. And in this game you either win or you die, there is no middle ground.

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  • Getting more & more prediictable

    I love this show. I watched the series before I read the books and I just realized that as the series move away from the original story, the more predictable it becomes.

    the torching of a child has already been done before and was just disappointing as well as some of the deaths in the story and the insistence of the writers to make the story darker every season.

    the bastard was just too much that it just gets tiring to still see him in the show and when he was finally killed, it fell flat. I was not satisfied cause he was able to kill off more than half of Snow's battalion.

    But I really loved the scene in the battle of the bastards when Snow fell from his horse and he stood up while all these horses were running in all directions. it felt so realistic & it made me feel like I was there at that moment. it was so intense & you can see how these horses slowly disappear cause they were being killed in battle.

    Despite its increasing predictability & familiarity, I am still going to watch the series cause I love the characters and the plot. I am especially looking forward to what is going to happen to Theon Greyjoy. He has been my fav character in the series since that scene where he throws a coin to a whore behind a moving wagon for a last look of her pussy. And I just loved reading his POV in the books as well. in the story his character started as a worldly, non-pretentious, ambitious young man and I would really like to see how the writers are going with Theon's character.moreless
  • Great Show! Constructive Criticism for Battle of the Bastards (SPOILER)

    I was really excited to see what tactical genius Jon Snow would have instituted. Instead the cliche of the cavalry arriving to save the day happened. That could have still happened in a way but I wanted the military aspect to be realistic instead of only the elementary "pincer".

    Could he have detached a element the previous day to conceal itself on the flanks? Then maybe conduct a feigned retreat towards a canalizing feature? A retreat broken up by picket lines of trenches and spikes and supplementary defensive positions to push Bolton troops towards the center. Picket lines manned by archers to bombard the chasing Bolton forces until they promptly pulled out and joined the rest of Snow's forces in the feigned retreat. Stand fast at the canalizing feature until Bolton's forces came into contact. Then unmask the hidden detachment and envelope from the flank.

    Even if they still wanted the "saved by the cavalry" part they could of had least featured a little bit of tactical intelligence before that point.moreless
  • Winter is coming

    Impending extinction level event takes us to the medieval land of Westeros, where Ned Stark's 6 children are scattered through the realm, before the mother of 5 of them could say goodbye and the father'd become the first casualty in a war that's only starting.

    Rival family Lannister loses a key member, not to the King in the North, but to Brienne of Tarth. The mother's sworn knight and, perhaps, the only woman capable to unravel the Ser within a Kingslayer. A Lannister is the only person who knows the true madness that aflicted Daenerys's father. And also a Lannister is the one married to the King set to destroy Daenery, long before she starts her path to the throne. It's also a Lannister the one who ultimately helps her get there.

    Pretenders come and go as winter closes around them. Distracted by war, the tragedy that befalls in every corner and the unbearable loss of one another, the remaining Starks can't see the real danger quite like their bastard brother across the Wall: the creatures known as White Walkers.moreless
  • So many fan theories

    This is one show which has captured the attention of masses like no other. The characters make sure that there is always something more to offer I was amazed at the buzz this show is creating in terms of fan theories .
  • The show lives its own life

    I really, really hope that the books follow its own line not the tv show one!!!!!! I enjoy so much the books, but the show seems become ....

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