Game of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 6

A Golden Crown

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 22, 2011 on HBO

Episode Recap

Ned is still recuperating from his leg wound at the hands of one of Jaime's men, and he awakes to find Robert and Cersei hovering over him. They press him about Tyrion's kidnapping, and Ned tells them that Catelyn took the Lannister under his own orders. Ned and Cersei argue, and then Robert orders them both to shut up. Robert also wants Ned to make peace with Jaime, but Ned finds that difficult, considering Jaime had killed off Jory and some other men of his. All Ned wants is to go after Jaime, and Cersei thinks that Robert isn't doing his kingly duties. She ought to wear the armor and him the gown. Robert slaps her across the face.

Ned reminds Robert that without action, there will be war. Robert, however, believes his hands are tied since he owes a lot of gold to the head of the Lannisters, Tywin. Again, Ned needs to keep his wife in check and tell her to release Tyrion. Ned wants to head back to Winterfell and set things right, but Robert orders him to stay and remain the King's Hand. He's going on a hunting party and someone needs to look after the kingdom. Robert tosses the King's Hand pin back at Ned. Robert also promises that if Ned shirks his duties once again, Jaime will be the new King's Hand.

Meanwhile, Daenerys places one of her dragon eggs in white-hot coals, where it gets nicely toasty. Her handmaiden walks in, shocked that Dany is handling the burning-hot egg with her bare hands. She tries to take the egg from Dany, and her hands immediately turn red and blister. Dany's hands, however, are unharmed by the heat.

Bran has the three-eyed raven dream again, and when he wakes, he discovers that his custom saddle has been completed. Robb and Theon take Bran out into the woods so that he can ride a horse, and Bran seems more gleeful now than he has been since his fall. Theon tells Robb that war is imminent and that he's prepared to protect Winterfell. Robb pointedly reminds the young Greyjoy that he's not a Stark, and this isn't his house.

Bran has gone missing, and has run into a small group of Wildlings. They want his horse, but he can't just climb off of it, because he's strapped into the saddle. The Wildlings are headed south to flee the White Walkers. Robb arrives and manages to get a hold of a Wildling woman, but as he presses a knife to her throat, one of the men does the same to Bran. It's a tense standoff until an arrow shoots through the man's chest, fired by Theon. Theon suggests they kill the woman as well, but Robb says to let her live. Theon congratulates Robb on his kills, since where he's from in the Iron Islands, you're not a man until you've taken your first life. Robb, however, takes no pride in the murders.

Meanwhile, Tyrion attempts to bribe the turnkey, Mord, but the man seems too stupid to understand the concept. If Tyrion has no gold on him, then there's no point in trying to free him.

Back with the Dothraki, Dany is in the middle of a ritual. She must eat an entire horse's heart to prove herself worthy of bearing the child of the Khal. Viserys doesn't believe that his sister will be able to get through without vomiting. And for a moment, it seems like she might throw up, but she manages to get through the ceremony. She announces that the name of the Khal's son will be Rhaego. As the crowd chants the baby's name, Ser Jorah tells Viserys that she is truly a queen, but Viserys is gone.

Jorah finds him ransacking Dany's things, taking the three dragon eggs. Viserys says that he could buy ships and an army with the eggs, and when Jorah mentions that the eggs aren't his, Viserys blithely replies that anything of his sister's is also his. Viserys is forced to leave the eggs, though, as Jorah won't allow for him to take them.

Tyrion finally manages to bribe Mord, and he gets a message sent to Lysa. He's ready to confess his crimes. He's brought back into Lysa's presence, and in front of the lords and ladies of the Vale he starts recounting his many "crimes", mostly acts of mischief done as a boy. When Catelyn presses him about the attempted murder of Bran, Tyrion says he knows nothing of it.

Tyrion then demands a trial, and Lysa is forced to grant it. She says her son Robin shall be the judge, and the guards open the Moon Door, a hole in the middle of the floor, revealing the steep drop to the ground below. Tyrion suggests a trial by combat, and many knights of the Vale push forward as willing to champion House Arryn. The champion Lysa chooses, however, is unwilling to fight the dwarf as it wouldn't be honorable to fight someone so small. Tyrion asks for a champion himself, and Bronn volunteers. Unencumbered by armor and rules of honor (as Lysa's champion is), Tyrion's champion easily bests the other man and tosses the body down the hole. With Tyrion free, he asks for his purse, which he tosses over to Mord.

Robert wanders the forest with Renly, Ser Barristan, and his squire Lancel Lannister ostensibly hunting but mostly drinking and reminiscing about the old days, where bedding a girl from each kingdom and the Riverlands was a goal. Renly confronts his brother, wondering about "the good old days" and how much better they seemed compared with now. Was the war good? Were all the murders done by the Mad King good?

Ned sits upon the Iron Throne hearing about the trials of an emissary from the Riverlands. There have been rapes and murders in the area, and one of the culprits was described as very similar to Ser Gregor, the Mountain. The culprits also left behind a message, in the form of a bag of dead fish. The fish, Littlefinger helpfully points out, is the sigil of Catelyn's house, the Tullys. And since the Mountain is a known vassal of Tywin Lannister, this might be a message to Ned.

Ned orders Ser Gregor arrested and stripped of his titles, and wishes to send a raven to Casterly Rock in order to bring Tyrion to King's Landing. Littlefinger cautions Ned about trying to pull at the lion's tail. Ned then wonders that if Tywin is so powerful, then why is Robert still king?

Sansa has pretty much embraced her role as a Southern princess, and Joffrey's gift of a necklace as well as his promise that he will always treat her well has made her want to stay in King's Landing.

After Arya has another dancing lesson with her teacher, Ned tells both his daughters that they're moving back to Winterfell. Both girls are crushed but for entirely different reasons. When Sansa says that she wants Joffrey, a golden lion, Arya objects that the Lion isn't Joffrey's sigil. It would be a stag, of House Baratheon, since he's Robert's son. Sansa retorts back that Joffrey is nothing like King Robert. This sparks Ned to study the book of the kingdoms' family lineages again. All of the members of House Baratheon have had dark hair, except for Joffrey. Could it be that Joffrey isn't Robert's son?

The Dothraki are still celebrating the imminent birth of an heir to the Khal when Viserys wanders in, drunk. He demands a place at the celebration, and Drogo points him towards a back room. Viserys says that the seat isn't good enough for a king, to which Drogo replies "You are no king." Viserys pulls out his sword, confident that he won't be harmed as the Dothraki wouldn't dare shed blood in their sacred city.

Viserys demands his crown, and Drogo obliges, while Dany translates. "You shall have a golden crown that men shall tremble to behold." At first Viserys is eager to get what he wants, but then Drogo empties out a cooking pot and places a golden belt into it. The belt is melted back to liquid gold. Drogo then pours the gold onto Viserys's head, killing him. Dany says that Viserys was not a dragon. "Fire cannot kill a dragon."