Game of Thrones

Season 2 Episode 7

A Man Without Honor

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2012 on HBO
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    Game of Thrones: Talk It Out

    Characters got under each others' skin this week in an episode that focused on a war of clashing words instead of a war of clashing steel.

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    At Winterfell, Osha makes arrangements for Bran and Rickon. North of the Wall, Jon finds himself lost and separated from the Night's Watch. His prisoner, Ygritte, soon turns the tables on him. At Robb's camp, Jaime Lannister escapes. At Harrenhal, Tywin Lannister wants to find the assassin who struck so near to him. In King's Landing, Sansa faces one of her worst fears. In Qarth, Daenerys meets with the ruling council and demands the return of her dragons.


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    • A Man Without Honor

      The Jon and Ygritte dynamic was perfectly written and acted and was the highlight of the episode, although there were many other enjoyable parts tonight.
    • Excellent encapsulates it quite well

      Tragic events accumulated in Winterfell in the previous episode, "The Old Gods and the New", and that location is just where "A Man Without Honor", the 7th episode in Game of Thrones' 2nd season, commences. Theon Greyjoy, newly proclaimed Prince of Winterfell, awakens in his bed-chamber on his own without Osha, the wildling whoring herself around the castle last episode. But as we've already seen a glimpse of there, her services were for the purpose of freeing Bran and Rickon Stark from the custody of the one GoT character who presumably received more death wishes than King Joffrey since the last episode, the aforementioned Theon, who now initiates a hunt for the two boys. And our hatred for him becomes bigger and bigger.

      Meanwhile, wildling Ygritte is giving her captor, Jon Snow, more sex offers than Ros and Shae are giving their johns combined and war is just around the corner in King's Landing (Stannis is only still absent, though. Probably nursing the baby demon his semen Saying hello as well, in case you forgot about him, is Jaime Lannister who also asserts the audience that he isn't in the field of the sympathetic characters, while detecting who is good and who is bad gets quite fuzzy in Qarth, from now on the bloodiest city that ever was or will be.

      All of those story parts provide for constantly thrilling entertainment and you really have to look carefully to find flaws with them. The only things I didn't enjoy that much were Arya conversing with Tywin Lannister (why, yes, because Arya acted foolishly stupid and besides the last dialogue sequence about the correct pronunciation of 'my lord', it didn't include much that we haven't already seen from those two), what happened between Jaime and Alton Lannister (too long and actually rather silly), and Shae getting weirdly aggressive once her new BFF Sansa Stark deals with puberty. But those are small events in the whole of a great episode that is equally dramatic, gory, and romantic.

      Just as in "The Old Gods and the New", Jon Snow/Ygritte and Daenerys moments were above anything else, by far. The mysterious disappearing of the Khaleesi's dragons in the last episode leads to a shockingly awesome scene involving Pyat Pree, a warlock that ups his creepiness every single time he's on screen. The mysterious disappearing of Qhorin Halfhand and his Night's Watch fellows (come on, Jon and Ygritte really didn't run away THAT leads to more superbly written bantering between the two left behind. Cersei being fully honest with Tyrion seemed more than just out of place, but nevertheless, the performances of the two actors made it look genuine after all.

      "A Man Without Honor" had some other small gems in it, but without writing that much, I'd name it the second best episode of this season up to this point. The anticipation for the imminent war is killing me and the fantastic cliffhangers (yes, plural) made me watch the next episode right afterwards.moreless
    • Disappointed

      I loved first few episodes but as the show goes on, I'm more and more disappointed. Too much brutality for me. I really didn't like this episode and I think I will not watch this show anymore.
    • A Lannister family portray

      From Tywin's very own version of "Dragon tales" to Jaime's particularly odd sense of humor, this episode was the Lannister family portray as seen by the eyes of the insider,even if said insider was Arya, the "commoner" Tywin has grown fond of, hiden in plain sight and sharing the legends of Harrenhal with the visible face of her enemy.

      Yet, as a certain Lannister cousin may say, it's behind familiar faces where true enemies lie, or so he would've said if Jaime wouldn't have killed him as a diversion in order to escape. If, by any chance, this man without honor deludes himself with a mistaken sense of love or devotion, then the irony escapes him for his "beloved" regreats the first born they ever made as well as the relationship that spawn it.

      It only seems fitting for Tyrion to witness Cercei's statement, as it's only fitting for the Hound to witness Sansa's rite of passage. A would be Lannister only by marriage, she nevertheless receives council from Cercei. For she may never love her husband, but she'll love each and every child she'll ever give to him.

      Seems only fair that, just like Cercei had Jaime to stand between her and her King, Sansa has now Sandor Clegane to stand between her and Joffrey, much like Bran and Rickon only have Hodor and Osha to stand between them and the fate Theon has reserved for them.moreless
    • Great Episode

      This was one of the best Game of Thrones episodes yet. We get to see Jaime again, and the scenes with him are all very, very good. Still, its Tywin and Arya that steal the show here. They are both such awesome characters and their conversation once again is brilliant. The Qarth and Winterfell scenes were very suspenseful, and the Kings Landing ones interesting. My main complaint here is Jon's storyline. His journey with the wildling wasn't boring, it was actually funny, but it was just walking through the snow. I would have preferred if Jon had stayed with the other Night's Watch members rather than acting like an idiot like that.

      Still, it was overall quite a nice episode indeed, and the cliffhangers really left you guessing.moreless
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      • Jaime Lannister: (to Catelyn Stark) You've become a real she-wolf in your later years. There's not much fish left in you.

      • Cersei Lannister: Permit me to share some womanly wisdom with you on this very special day. The more people you love, the weaker you are. You'll do things for them that you know you shouldn't do. You'll act the fool to make them happy, to keep them safe. Love no one but your children. On that front a mother has no choice.
        Sansa Stark: But...shouldn't I love Joffrey, Your Grace?
        Cersei Lannister: You can try, little dove.

      • Sansa Stark: Why are you always so hateful?
        Sandor Clegane: You'll be glad of the hateful things I do someday when you're queen and I'm all that stands between you and your beloved king.

      • Ygritte: You could be free too. You don't need to live your whole life taking commands from old men. Wake up when you want to wake up. I could show you the streams to fish, the woods to hunt. Build yourself a cabin and find a woman to lie with in the night. You're a pretty lad. Girls would claw each other's eyes out to get naked with you.
        Jon Snow: Walk.
        Ygritte: I could teach you how to do it.
        Jon Snow: I know how to do it.
        Ygritte: You know nothing, Jon Snow.

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