Game of Thrones

Season 2 Episode 7

A Man Without Honor

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2012 on HBO

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  • A Man Without Honor

    The Jon and Ygritte dynamic was perfectly written and acted and was the highlight of the episode, although there were many other enjoyable parts tonight.
  • Excellent encapsulates it quite well

    Tragic events accumulated in Winterfell in the previous episode, "The Old Gods and the New", and that location is just where "A Man Without Honor", the 7th episode in Game of Thrones' 2nd season, commences. Theon Greyjoy, newly proclaimed Prince of Winterfell, awakens in his bed-chamber on his own without Osha, the wildling whoring herself around the castle last episode. But as we've already seen a glimpse of there, her services were for the purpose of freeing Bran and Rickon Stark from the custody of the one GoT character who presumably received more death wishes than King Joffrey since the last episode, the aforementioned Theon, who now initiates a hunt for the two boys. And our hatred for him becomes bigger and bigger.

    Meanwhile, wildling Ygritte is giving her captor, Jon Snow, more sex offers than Ros and Shae are giving their johns combined and war is just around the corner in King's Landing (Stannis is only still absent, though. Probably nursing the baby demon his semen Saying hello as well, in case you forgot about him, is Jaime Lannister who also asserts the audience that he isn't in the field of the sympathetic characters, while detecting who is good and who is bad gets quite fuzzy in Qarth, from now on the bloodiest city that ever was or will be.

    All of those story parts provide for constantly thrilling entertainment and you really have to look carefully to find flaws with them. The only things I didn't enjoy that much were Arya conversing with Tywin Lannister (why, yes, because Arya acted foolishly stupid and besides the last dialogue sequence about the correct pronunciation of 'my lord', it didn't include much that we haven't already seen from those two), what happened between Jaime and Alton Lannister (too long and actually rather silly), and Shae getting weirdly aggressive once her new BFF Sansa Stark deals with puberty. But those are small events in the whole of a great episode that is equally dramatic, gory, and romantic.

    Just as in "The Old Gods and the New", Jon Snow/Ygritte and Daenerys moments were above anything else, by far. The mysterious disappearing of the Khaleesi's dragons in the last episode leads to a shockingly awesome scene involving Pyat Pree, a warlock that ups his creepiness every single time he's on screen. The mysterious disappearing of Qhorin Halfhand and his Night's Watch fellows (come on, Jon and Ygritte really didn't run away THAT leads to more superbly written bantering between the two left behind. Cersei being fully honest with Tyrion seemed more than just out of place, but nevertheless, the performances of the two actors made it look genuine after all.

    "A Man Without Honor" had some other small gems in it, but without writing that much, I'd name it the second best episode of this season up to this point. The anticipation for the imminent war is killing me and the fantastic cliffhangers (yes, plural) made me watch the next episode right afterwards.
  • Disappointed

    I loved first few episodes but as the show goes on, I'm more and more disappointed. Too much brutality for me. I really didn't like this episode and I think I will not watch this show anymore.
  • A Lannister family portray

    From Tywin's very own version of "Dragon tales" to Jaime's particularly odd sense of humor, this episode was the Lannister family portray as seen by the eyes of the insider,even if said insider was Arya, the "commoner" Tywin has grown fond of, hiden in plain sight and sharing the legends of Harrenhal with the visible face of her enemy.

    Yet, as a certain Lannister cousin may say, it's behind familiar faces where true enemies lie, or so he would've said if Jaime wouldn't have killed him as a diversion in order to escape. If, by any chance, this man without honor deludes himself with a mistaken sense of love or devotion, then the irony escapes him for his "beloved" regreats the first born they ever made as well as the relationship that spawn it.

    It only seems fitting for Tyrion to witness Cercei's statement, as it's only fitting for the Hound to witness Sansa's rite of passage. A would be Lannister only by marriage, she nevertheless receives council from Cercei. For she may never love her husband, but she'll love each and every child she'll ever give to him.

    Seems only fair that, just like Cercei had Jaime to stand between her and her King, Sansa has now Sandor Clegane to stand between her and Joffrey, much like Bran and Rickon only have Hodor and Osha to stand between them and the fate Theon has reserved for them.
  • Great Episode

    This was one of the best Game of Thrones episodes yet. We get to see Jaime again, and the scenes with him are all very, very good. Still, its Tywin and Arya that steal the show here. They are both such awesome characters and their conversation once again is brilliant. The Qarth and Winterfell scenes were very suspenseful, and the Kings Landing ones interesting. My main complaint here is Jon's storyline. His journey with the wildling wasn't boring, it was actually funny, but it was just walking through the snow. I would have preferred if Jon had stayed with the other Night's Watch members rather than acting like an idiot like that.

    Still, it was overall quite a nice episode indeed, and the cliffhangers really left you guessing.
  • Honor (Spoilers Ahead)

    Theon continues his hunt for Bran and Rickon and his search leads him to a farmhouse where two orphan boys that Bran sent to a farmer are. We see Bran, Rick, Osha, and Hodor go in there. When one of the Ironmen finds a walnut that Hodor had crushed earlier on his way to the farm Theon sends Maester Luwin away to do what we presume is dig out Bran and Rickon from the farmhouse since they're hidden there I guess. No Stannis or Davos this episode. Dany begins to doubt her quest to rule the seven kingdoms without her dragons and even the advice that Jorah gives her means little when he tells her that no one can survive without help in the world. Jorah goes to visit the masked woman Qaithe who is doing voodoo on a man's back who is travelling through Valyria. She says that the one who took her dragons is near which is taken to mean one of the thirteen presumably. Xaro promises that he will find the perpetrator and calls a meeting of the Thirteen of Qarth. I really like his bit about what people say about a man is all that matters of him. When Dany goes before the Thirteen to "accuse" them the Silk Lord calls her disrespectful. Pyat Pree, the priest/mage who can duplicate himself who had invited Dany to the House of the Undying a few episodes ago appears and tells them the Mother of Dragons will get her pets back at the House of the Undying before he claims that he serves the King of Qarth. Befuddled, Dany says that there is no King of Qarth but just then many Pyat Pree copies appear behind the 13 and slit their throats. Jorah and Dany try to flee but Pyat Pree catches up to them creepily saying that she must go to the House of the Undying to get her dragons back. Alton Lannister, the cousing of Jaime's who delivered Robb's conditions of peace to King's Landing, returns as he said he would and is locked up with Jaime due to lack of cell space. Lord Karstark, one of Robb's bannermen assigns his son to guard the two. Robb talks to the healing woman once again and she says that she needs medical supplies to treat the wounded of his men and he says that he is on his way to the Crag and he invites her along to take of the Crag's Maester's vault. The night he leaves Jaime and Alton bond over being squires and Jaime informs him of a way out of the cell but says that he must die and then kills Ser Alton and kills the Karstark boy by strangling him with his change and escapes the cell. He is captured by Robb's men and carried behind a horse and Lord Karstark demands his head for killing his son. Catelyn begs him to not kill him since he's such a valuable prisoner alive and that she has had a son crippled by Jaime as well and that Robb will resolve it when he returns. Jaime's retorts to Catelyn are witty but just asking for him to lose his head. Brienne responds to Karstark's soldiers' threats by drawing her sword and saying not to threaten her lady which is badass. Karstark agrees to her terms reluctantly until Robb returns and then he'll have Jaime's head. Catelyn talks to Jaime alone in his cell and calls him a Man without Honor. When he's called Kingslayer and not a knight Jaime talks of the futility of swearing so many oaths in his lifetime and why he killed King Aerys who murdered the innocent who he is sworn to protect, honor his father even though his father hates the King, and to honor his King even though he's killing the innocent. So many vows he's correct in saying that it's impossible to keep them straight. He even mentions his incest with Cersei as if he were talking of the weather and says that he has only ever been with her which in a way makes him more honorable than Ned Stark who fathered Jon Snow. North of the Wall Jon takes Ygritte with him to reconnect with Quorhin and the rest of the scout party. All the while she taunts him with the possibly of sex and how he's never done it before from her deductions. When she offers openly that she'll do it he hesitates but she escapes his rope bonds and runs up a slope where it's revealed that several wildlings surround them and she says that he should have taken her while he had the chance. In King's Landing Tyrion talks to a concerned Cersei and how there are reports that Stannis's navy is fast approaching and that they stand no chance with their fewer numbers. Cersei confesses that she thinks Joffrey's inability to be controlled, after Tyrion says that he has to behave more like a King, is a punishment from the Seven for him being born of incest. Tyrion comforts her in the first sincere moment they have between one another. Sansa's bleeds her moonblood for the first time and it is reported to the Queen that she can now bear Joffrey's children. We learn a bit about Robert and that he always went off hunting when she was in labor but that she didn't want him there anyway and that Sansa should only love her children since the more you love the weaker you are since caring makes you behave irrationally, poor dear Sansa. In Harrenhal Tywin and Arya speak of how this will be his last war and about his legacy he will leave behind. They speak of dragons and Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters who conquered Westeros and destroyed the impregnable Harrenhal three hundred years ago and how dragons changed the rules of warfare from that example. Tywin is also looking into the presumed attempt on his life when Amory Lorch was darted by Jaqen last week which is futile since he will remain hidden as we know. In the end the most depressing part happens, Theon displays the bodies of Bran and Rickon charred and hanging from rope, and a representation of how far he's slid off of the ladder of sanity. There's no turning back now. With Stannis's force fast approaching and Catelyn presumably killing Jaime after asking for Brienne's sword, and Theon hopefully going to get his, things are moving along swiftly and furiously with just three episodes left this season. Hope the good times keep on rollin'.
  • A Man Without Honor

    A Man Without Honor was a superb episode of Game of Thrones. I really enjoyed watching because the story was engaging, full of character growth and plot development. There were a lot of cool scenes but I feel there could have been more. I do like that there are questions to be answered and I can't wait to find out how certain things play out. I liked when Arya was eating at the command of Tywin Lannister and the discussion they had. Ser Jorah Mormont returns to the service of Daenerys Targaryen who has lost her beloved Dragons. Some great stuff happened with her story line but I wanted more! I also enjoyed Tyrion and Cersei discussing how to control Joffrey. Poor Sansa had her first visit from Aunt Dot and she almost got away with hiding it thanks to Shea, but the Dog appeared. Jon Snow had some interesting interactions with the wildling woman. I wonder who exactly Theon really had. The plot thickens and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • 2x03 "A Man Without Honor"

    Interesting finale. Unlike the previous episodes, this one doesn't end on a cliffhanger. The face of Theon was very expressive... He regrets, in the end, he loves the Starks, because "family" isn't tied with blood, it's tied with love.
  • Good Enough Adaptation *Contains Spoilers*

    The book to tv adaptations have been mostly great but sometimes key elements to the plot are missing in the tv show. Some changes are however welcome as the crew handles them very well. This episode, although mostly talk and not much action, still managed to be exciting.

    Jon's part in the story however irritated me quite a bit as they changed it a bit too much and were thereby changing his character a bit.

    What really happened was that Jon was ordered to kill Ygritte but instead let her free (as Halfhand predicted) and went on with his brothers. Soon Jon and Halfhand become surrounded and he commands Jon to do whatever the wildings ask of him until he has enough information on them to return to the Watch. Since Jon is already captured this can't happen and he (I would think) will literally become a turncloak instead of just pretending to be one.

    I look forward to the next episode to see how they handle this and everyone else's storylines.

    On a side note I was disappointed with Dany's storyline last episode - her dragons were never actually stolen but I've changed my mind now as I liked how it turned out in this episode. Also if you enjoy this show and enjoy reading, definitely give them a try! The show is great but the books are tens times as good, which is saying something.
  • Damn..

    I wrote a long review. My first review as well. But i was not registered, i click to register and my review was no where to be found.

    Well all in all, loved the episode.

    This is an episode of transaction. It will bring a action packed marathon of game of thrones. I cannot wait for the season finale just so i can be amazed

  • Good episode

    In all honesty this wasn't the best episode but it was a good one. This episode was much more talk and character development. Action was kept at a minimum. This may sound boring but it actually builds up well for a few good moments where you crave to wonder what happens next.

    I hope this "build up" episode gives a huge pay off in the next few weeks.
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