Game of Thrones

Season 3 Episode 4

And Now His Watch Is Ended

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2013 on HBO

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  • It was better than ok

    I like it less than most. Took a while to see where it was going. Once we got there it was good.
  • And Now His Watch Is Ended

    Some good developments with Arya here, but the Daenerys character continues to be among the best on TV. Another strong show.
  • Daenerys Targaryen rocks!

    Daenerys Targaryen rocks!

    She is among the shrewdest power seekers in Game of Thrones. But more importantly, she is hands down the most morally admirable of the lot.

    She detests slavery and coercion. She champions individualism and liberty. She repeatedly consults her followers, asking them whether they are wiling to follow her. She reminds them that they are free to go their own way if they are not.

    She is probably as libertarian as a character in a sword and sandal fantasy, set in a monarchical feudalistic era can be, the roots of Tagaryen dynastic power notwithstanding.

    She is one of the strongest Game of Thrones characters ever created, with one of the strongest character arcs ever plotted.
  • Kill the child and let the man/woman be born.

    Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Varys. Tempted by an offer he could not refuse, his master sold him to a man who castrated him for a bit of magic, effectively killing the boy he once was. The man born out of this, however, grew strong in order to spite him, from the streets of Myr to the palace of King's Landing, sized influence and power until the day came that the boy got his torturer sent on a crate to teach Lord Tyrion revenge is a dish best served cold.

    Somewhere else, a man-boy got mutilated to lie for a maiden he couldn't leave behind, distraught by this loss, he refused to replace the child killed with his severed hand, for sometimes birth is a traumatic event, and it takes the help of a strong maiden, who killed the child she once was herself, to help him out of his shell and become the man he was meant to be.

    And, maybe because strong mothers used to be maidens themselves, Daenerys Stormborn mother of dragons, sizes the lives of 8000 slaves, 8000 boys, 8000 souls that thought might never been born into a man and sends them up against the masters that castrated them, mutilated them and turned them into something less than human. Thus, 8000 men re-born in dignity leave with her, all willing to die for their mother.
  • Best ending so far

    This was an amazing episode. The ending was my favorite of all episode of GoT so far. Seriously got chills from the way her epic army looked as they left the city
  • And Now His Watch Is Ended


    Incredible episode!! . Beyond the walk is getting so interesting, oh boy, so good to see Craster down.
  • episode 4 season 3

    Emilia just rocked the series, the way she gained the army and the dragons... just amazing
  • Soundtrack

    First of all I want to say that this was one of the greatest episodes of all Game of Thrones series and secondly; Does somebody know name of the soundtrack which was been playing at the and when Daenerys made an command to kill the guards? Thanks.
  • not so sure

    don't get me wrong guys. I looooved the first two series. The third seems a bit pedestrian. He went here. They went there. They killed X. and so on. there obviously are stories intertwined together but it doesn't seem so powerful as the last two series of a similar format.

    Having said that I got a bit more excited by Ep4. For some reason I've never liked fantasy stuff (S1 and S2 being an exception) however the dragon sub plot with Daenerys is the one that grabs my attention the most. This episode had a predictable but VERY rewarding end.

    Of course superb cinematography all the way through. And, on the whole, VERY good acting.

    It's just that darned script thing that's bugging me.
  • Daenerys Targaryen is an epic Valyrian!! Damn!!

    In the episode we witnessed an epic moment for Daenerys and how she made an army!! she a powerful bad bitch!

    Game of Throne keeps amaze me in each episode. Its awesome how the story and the characters develop in each episode. Now we're looking for a war, an epic war from the Targaryen!

    I was expecting that she knew the language of Valyria and yet the writers wait for the perfect moment to amaze us.


    Dany has learned valuable lessons in deception from Zharo and The Witch. She used kindness, treachery, and dragonfire to raise an army of fiercely loyal legionaires. Looks like Varys and Illyrio's efforts were not in vain.

  • the books

    since a read the chapter about Dany in Astapor I was dreaming of watching it in the tv series, That is, up to now (I'm finishing the 4th book) my favorite part of the whole collection, in the book it is simply amazing, superb and awesome, full of details of course... when I saw the final scene I was expecting of course that quality, but being realistic, it is impossible to get such a level of quality, but anyway I'm more than satisfied with it and the whole the episode, it's the best till now and definitely.

    My only complain is the Reed's, Jojen and Meera, I love them in the books, but there is a lack of development of their characters in the tv series. They are so kind and helpful to Bran that the writers should show that in the show as well.
  • Art of war 101

    That is how to assemble an army!
  • Best episode yet!

    Just great! Must Love GOT and GRRM.
  • Perfect!

    No need to write anything else...
  • Predictable ending, but brilliant nonetheless

    Game of thrones seasons usually pick up in the fourth episode, and this episode continues that trend. It was well written and VERY well directed.

    PROS: What I really liked is that we finally have some story going in Kings Landing. The story there this season seems to be revolving around Sansa, which isn't nearly as dramatic as last season's, but still interestingly played out.

    Theon man.. was the real highlight for me. That one line made me pity him so much. Brilliant character.

    Dany was a total badass. Her story is awesome this season, interesting to see where she will head next

    Nights watch scene was REALLY surprising. (spoiler) I was sad to see Jon's friends die, though Sam did get away.


    Bran's scene was rather pointless, I'd much rather see Rob to give a feeling the war is still going on.
  • F*cking amazing!

    Seriously, I can't believe how EPIC was that ending, I got tears of joy seeing how Khaleesi knew exactly from the start what she was doing. What a perfect episode, what an epic show! I won't be able to wait a week to the next episode though haha
  • perfect

    amazing amazing, dragon is not a slave !! brilliant
  • The one true Queen.

    Can it get more epic?
  • Oh yes i agree with antonis below me... The last 10 mins was f-ing Epic !!

    Just one word - Brilliant !
  • Dany fan club !!

    I saw the end of the 4th episode like 10 times. What an ending that was. One of the best episodes so far and we are only in ep 4. I cant w8 to see what happens next. Keep em coming !!
  • Slay the masters, slay the soldiers, slay every man who holds a whip

    Here for the second time Daenerys leaves his subordinates a choice, whether to leave or following her and fighting for her. Episode full of important moments, and maybe the most exiting and enjoying of the entire series: other the new conquest for Daenerys, the fight in the wild lands, Theon giving up his anger against the starks, Lord Varys and Tyrion ready for can i say, never asked better, rating 10++
  • Finally a decent amount of action

    Far, far away in a fantasy land a thousand years ago ...... that's what springs to mind when watching Game of Thrones. Of course we love the twisted plots, the suprises, the characters (good and evil) but at the end of the day it's a fantasy land and there's seven kingdoms to be fought over so when we have episodes with lots of plot but no action, no fighting ....... finally in episode 4 we get everything. The story unfolding, a better look at some of the new charcters such as the Tyrells but best of all some action with the unsullied finally let loose, Daenerys Targaryan at her best with one of her dragons also on the loose. Every episode is quality of course but give us the fantassy and the fighting that we got this week!
  • My real father lost his head in King's Landing

    One of the best episodes of the whole series with great scenes and great plot development.

    I think one of the biggest flaws of this series is the fact that some episodes concentrate on too many characters which causes the overall episode to appear like a filler episode. This episode didn't do this even though it did focus on a lot of characters.

    In the King's Landing Varys makes his return with a story about a castration and revenge. I have to say this episode had perfect amount of Varys. He is such a mystery and he gained some sympathy points by telling lady Olenna that he was sorry for not being able to help Ned when he was decapitated and that he wanted to keep Sansa safe (he might have some sort of a plot but I'd like to believe that he tries to help Sansa). It was nice to see Sansa a bit more cheerful too and even though Margaery is trying to get Sansa's trust and the North (as she is the key to the North if Robb dies in the war) for Tyrells. Every scene with Joffrey and Margaery were great.

    The thing I love most about this series is it's ability to make the biggest douchebags more sympathetic. The line "My real father lost his head in King's Landing" contradicted the books, but it didn't bother me as it is clear in the books that Theon wanted to be a Stark and as it seems that amongst the TV-show viewers us Theon-sympathizers are the minority. He did evil things and he pays for them but I never got the feeling from him that he is EVIL.

    Jaime Lannister was feeling a BIT down having lost his sword hand. It kind of hurts to see him in that state. Even though he sails somewhere in the gray zone of morality and does despicable things. Jaime then cheered up a bit... Not much... When Brienne said that he seemed like a woman for giving up after the first defeat... It was an utterly devastating defeat though.

    One of the reasons this episode was so good was the final and pre-final scenes. The brothers of the Night's Watch are visitors at Craster's keep and decide that now would be a good time to start a rebellion and all hell breaks loose after a nameless ranger kills Craster and another kills the Lord Commander. The scene with the Hound was so good and we got to see Beric for the first time. And he seems cool. Even Daenerys' plot became interesting. The sacking of Astapor was something I have been wanting to see ever since I read the books and it was handled perfectly. Even though the Unsullied won't see Westeros for a long long time.
  • Emancipation

    King's Landing

    This was a big installment for Varys who is apparently making up for lost time by appearing in what seems like every scene and then some. Telling Tyrion all about his getting cut when he was a boy in Myr followed by his reveal of the sorcerer in a box was a great reveal. His own quest for vengeance shows that Tyrion will have to be patient of course to pin his attempted murder on Cersei. Varys also learns from Ros of Baelish's affection for Sansa, having asked for two feather beds on his boat bound to the Eyrie. I respect how much Varys doesn't underestimate Baelish and even visits Lady Oleanna, still cunning and entertaining as ever, to speak of how perhaps getting Sansa betrothed to a Tyrell such as Loras would prove wise and not give Baelish the power to have the only confirmed living heir of Winterfell should Robb Stark fail in his war in his new fortress. His line, "He would see the world burn if he could be the king of the ashes" about Baelish truly show how much contempt he has while still showing how much respect for how dangerous Baelish can be with no land, no army, and no fortune although the land bit has changed. Also, Varys has Ros in his pocket? Interesting.

    Joff and Margaery go on a tour of the Great Sept of Baelor walking out the history of the Targaryens. Margaery gets him to go out nearly to the street with her and wave to the crowd saying that they'll love him if he loves them. Joff gets much softer around Margaery and truly gets Cersei's skirt in a twist since she can't influence Joff like that. Cersei even goes to Tywin to complain about the Tyrells being a problem. Tywin really does not like having to explain himself to Cersei but he and Tyrion have both said that Cersei isn't as smart as she thinks he is, which truly makes him Tywin's son more so than Jaime is.

    Sansa and Margaery walk through a beautiful part of King's Landing and when they're alone, whether of her own volition but probably on orders from Oleanna, asks Sansa to be a good friend of hers and to possibly go to Highgarden and posits that she may perhaps marry a Tyrell such as Loras. Also Oleanna's speech about how lame the Highgarden rose is and their not-so-memorable house words of "Growing Strong" and it not being as memorable as "We do not sow" or "Winter is coming," voicing a conversation Benioff and Weiss probably overheard at Comic-con once.

    The Riverlands

    Arya is hooded to not know where the Brotherhood is taking her with Gendry and the Hound in tow. Upon arrival the Hound remains chained and asks to be put to death fast and for them to stop talking. He always knows how to infuriate people, but we do meet he cool-headed many times dead Beric Dondarrion back from Season 1. If you remember, when sitting on the Throne while Robert was hunting Ned ordered him to hunt down and kill the Mountain, the Hound's brother, because he was burning villages under Tywin's orders. The Hound says that the Brotherhood is "following Beric says that the Hound is a murderer but the Hound says that he had nothing to do with Lannister crimes until Arya tells them all how he killed Micah back in Season 1 and he admits to it but that he was under a prince's orders. Thoros and Beric, under the Lord of Light the same as Melisandre and Stannis, determine him to be fought in a trial by combat against Lord Beric.

    Jaime's humiliation continues at the top of the episode with his hand round his neck like a trophy of sorts. Seeing the mighty Lannister swordsman who fought Ned Stark back in Season 1 has been knocked down many notches by this point. Falling in mud, taunted, drinking horse piss, more mud, then self-pity. Brienne stands up for him as he tries to fight his not-so-good left hand and refuses to eat until Brienne insults his masculinity for having to face the unfortunate perils of life that common people face. He resorts to continue eating.

    In the North

    Bran has another dream where he climbs and is told not to by Catelyn while trying to go after the three eyed crow.

    Theon is led away to a stronghold where the guy who helped him, the sweeper who claims to be from the Iron Islands, says that Yara is waiting for Theon to be brought there. Theon is truly torn and even admits that he is a Stark and that his real father was Ned, and how he had Dagmer kill the two orphan boys because he couldn't catch Bran and Rickon was really sad but he's still a massive piece of garbage despite that. The poetic part of his him freely choosing to go back to the very same torture chamber as before with the X still waiting for him sucks major league and the big "I can't wait to see you squeal like a piggy" look on sweeper's face means he can't be what or who he claims to be.

    Beyond the Wall

    At Craster's Keep the lack of food to feed them makes many Night's Watchmen uneasy and wanting to steal it from Craster. Mormont is all about keeping Craster happy and so wants no thievery obviously. Sam gets told to shove it by Gilly because she doesn't think that he can protect her son from Craster sacrificing it to the white walkers. A Night's Watchman challenges Craster, calling him a "bastard" for telling them to kill their own to leave while he feasts in front of them and they starve. Just when it seems things calm down the challenger, (Torchwood's Burn Gorman) puts his knife through Craster's head. Mormont draws his sword and says that he will pay for killing Craster, to which he is told, "There are no laws Beyond the A fight ensues but Mormont can't keep his men at bay and gets an axe in his back and then whilst fighting a knife goes into him till he's dead. Sam flees the riotous crowd, grabbing Gilly and fleeing into the night.


    Dany shows up with Drogon chained to trade her dragon for the 8,000 Unsullied. She is given the whip by Kraznys, who is then given the chain that holds Drogon. Dany approaches her new army (which can hear her talking not so loud at a very long distance) to march and then stop. When Kraznys says the dragon won't heel Dany reveals that she can speak Valyrian and thus could understand all of his insults the whole time. She yells, "Dracaras," and Kraznys is engulfed in flames. The Unsullied are told to kill their masters but not to harm any children, the fight that ensues is amazing as the oppressive slave keepers are slaughtered karmatically. This was by far the highlight of the episode next to the fight at Craster's Keep, just feed soldiers that are in your house is the lesson to take from this, and Dany tells the Unsullied that they are free men and then agree to join her with a rousing spear clomp on all of their parts. They march out of the gates of Astapor having ended the slave regime there.

    This is the venomous, "Fire and Blood" protagonist we've been waiting for since Season 1 and we finally got a great taste of it in her double crossing low-life slave masters for their tamed army that will never turn against her. She even throws the whip into the dust as they march out. With 3 dragons and her new army, Dany is by far the most powerful contender for the Throne now (although several thousand miles away it should be said) being at the same place now where Stannis was halfway through last season. This was the best episode of this season by far after a few episodes with great writing, acting, and character development the blood can now begin to fly. Next week doesn't look disappointing in anyway as we get to see Beric and the Hound go toe-to-toe in the arena and Arya's friend Micah may finally get some justice.

  • Growing Strong

    Highlights: Queen of Thorns, Daenerys's throaty speech, Varys and Olenna, smart Ros, Brienne and Jaime, Margaery and Joff's relationship.

    Lowlights: Let's stick Bran in! But only in a dream! Didn't understand the reason behind leading Theon on a merry chase until someone pointed out now they know Bran and Rickon live. Thank you internet! LORAS CANNOT MARRY. KINGSGUARD MEN CANNOT MARRY. The marriage situation (Lysa, Sansa?) could have been clarified about Littlefinger. Craster's Keep mess was a . Also, is something going to happen with Varys's sorcerer? I hope so.

    Tyrell is showing their strength, and I love it. Margaery uses her charm extremely well, and is overshadowing Cersei very quickly. Joffrey's basking in the sun of her smiles and now, of the people's. Meanwhile, they may take the north if they take Sansa, and now Varys and the Queen of Thorns are plotting (in the books it's more her and Littlefinger, but I'm sure it'll work out). I'm excited.

    That was a perfect ending, let's clap it up for our Khaleesi. From here the conquest will probably be greatly adapted, but this was done wonderfully. Especially that shot as she stood statuesque in the ashes, whip down in her hand. I hope they have Grey Worm, and the "Mother! Mother!" scenes.

    And Jaime and Brienne. This was done extraordinarily well, and although I gritted my teeth at the sexist language (Let's make a female character seem powerful by putting down all women in general! She looks better by comparison!!) she knew how to make Jaime eat. That was so sad.

    As for Theon, well, he sucks. I'm glad he had all those epiphanies and gosh I don't like his sadistic captors, so for the bare minimum cause alone--he's a human being--I want him to escape. But gosh if that plotline wasn't tightly woven.

  • "A dragon is not a slave!"

    After what seemed like a very long process of securing her army at the cost of one of her babies (dragons, that is), DT finally showed a hand that took everyone by surprise - including a stunned 8000-man Valyrian slave army. I figured she would end up with both dragons and army, but didn't wager she was holding back all along on every count. Who didn't get goosebumps in the last five minutes of tonight's show? It's what we've been waiting for since DT emerged from the ashes of her husband's bonfire being doted on by three baby dragons in the Season 1 finale. Just hope she has a plan for feeding all those ex-slave soldiers...
  • And Now His Watch Is Ended

    And Now His Watch Is Ended was a very entertaining episode of Game of Thrones. There was lots of intrigue, drama and suspense. The action was great. It was horribly wrong, but great for Jaime to sample the real worl. I liked how Brienne tried to help Jaime. Varys reveals something to Tyrion and it definitely left an impact. I liked how everything played out and look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • Stream Quality was an 8 - The episode itself deserves a 8.5 - gameofthrones24. weebly. com <--stream

    So all in all, this episode was good i guess. I was completely shocked by the last episode, i'm not reading the books so yeah you can guess how my reaction turned out when i saw that stuff haha.

    The stream i was watching was alright ( gameofthrones24. weebly. comI ) and this episode called "And now his watch is ended" is mainly about the night's watch, some of you most likely guessed it already since it is a word said during their funerals. Anyways, I enjoyed the episode and I can only hope that you guys does it as well.
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