Game of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 12, 2011 on HBO
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    Game of Thrones: TV Rules Do Not Apply

    So, uh, something big happened this week. And while it wasn't conventional, Game of Thrones will be able to get away with it.

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    In King's Landing, Ned falls to the mercy of the new king. While in the battlefield, Robb captures a valuable prisoner and Catelyn agrees to a deal with the unsavory Walder Frey. In Castle Black, Jon discovers an old name in hiding. And across the Narrow Sea, Khal Drogo falls ill and Daenerys entrusts his care to an unlikely source.

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    • A great culmination of events

      I strongly suggest to watch this episode more than once because it is more than likely that all your memories of it will be about the downright phenomenal final scene that is at the same time the climax of Game of Thrones first season. But besides this nothing less than fantastic ending part, there are also a lot of other awesome moments in 'Baelor'. Or to phrase it in a more complimentary way: I actually didn't find anything bad with this episode. Okay, if you've read the books then there might be some parts in which you can think of a better way to adapt them on screen, but that seriously is all you could complain about.

      First of all, 'Baelor' starts with an awesome conversation between the imprisoned Ned Stark and Lord Varys that is superbly gripping to watch. After that, even with editing the King's Landing stuff out until the aforementioned final scene, the episode stays just at that level of greatness. The remaining Stark family members in the north of Westeros have a perfect chemistry just as in the last episode and the scenes across the Narrow Sea are an extremely impressive improvement to what happened there in the last couple of episodes. 'Baelor' also pays a lot of attention to Tyrion who in this episode encounters a new character named Shae - a prostitute that his new accomplice Bronn has found for him. Those three receive a fair amount of screen time and even though they're only talking in all of those scenes, they belong to some of the most interesting ones in this episode. The Night's Watch scenes are better than the ones in former episodes as well, however, some of the actors exaggerated their part a bit too much (John Bradley, Peter Vaughan).

      All in all, I reckon 'Baelor' to be the 2nd best episode in Game of Thrones' first season, right after 'Winter Is Coming'. It's entertaining all the way through and closes its curtains with a truly amazing and unexpected finale that will leave mouths open during the whole credits.moreless
    • Baelor

      Stay low. Maybe no one will notice you... :D I laughed my ass off.

      But I felt really bad about the ending. So sad.
    • i hate the Lannisters

      how dare Joffrey chop of lord starks head, grr so angry,

      i hope they die soon, far out :(
    • There's no character you can purely hate ,But one I guess....

      What a talented writer "George . Martin" ,I never been into that kind of books or movies, I may be one of the few who didn't count Lord of The Rings as their favorite fantasy movies ,and I may hardly finish its books.. But that man make me really addicted to the story,all the character which making me don't know who I want to win the Throne,really feel sympathy with almost all of them. I like all of them "may be but the current King at that moment" >

      Amazing characters, great writing and I believe AMAZING Production and Adaptation " I wish someone who read the book to confirm about the adaptation how it's faithful to the book" the acting also is so wonderful.

      Great series even before finishing season one... I guess I'll start searching for the book.moreless
    • Baelor

      The Good:

      -Introduction of important characters: Walder Frey and Shae. While Shae's personality is more dynamic than in the book, she plays an important role. Walder Frey could have jumped from the book's pages. He too plays an important role.

      -The ending of the episode is perfectly intense and sad, topped with Jaime's capture.

      The Bad:

      -This still feels like a setup episode. It seems that most of the first season - just like the first book - is a precursor.moreless

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • The title of this episode, "Baelor", refers to The Great Sept of Baelor in King's Landing where Ned's execution took place. The Great Sept of Baelor was named after Baelor I Targaryen, called "Baelor the Blessed", who was the ninth Targaryen king to rule Westeros. He was a septon and had the sept built when he became king after his brother. The statue, whose legs Arya stands by as she sees her father taken to the sept, is of Baelor.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Maester Aemon: Love is the death of duty.

      • Eddard Stark: I am Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Hand of the King. I come before you to confess my treason in the sight of gods and men. I betrayed the faith of my king and the trust of my friend Robert. I swore to protect and defend his children, but before his blood was cold, I plotted to murder his son and seize the throne for myself. Let the High Septon and Baelor the Blessed bear witness to what I say: Joffrey Baratheon is the one true heir to the Iron Throne, by the grace of all the gods, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm.
        Grand Maester Pycelle: As we sin, so do we suffer. This man has confessed his crimes in sight of gods and men. The gods are just, but beloved Baelor taught us they can also be merciful. What is to be done with this traitor, Your Grace?
        Joffrey Baratheon: My mother wishes me to let Lord Eddard join the Night's Watch. Stripped of all titles and powers, he would serve the realm in permanent exile. And my Lady Sansa has begged mercy for her father. But they have the soft hearts of women. So long as I am your king, treason shall never go unpunished. Ser Ilyn, bring me his head.

      • Maester Aemon: The gods were cruel when they saw fit to test my vows. They waited till I was old. What could I do when the ravens brought the news from the South, the ruin of my house, the death of my family? I was helpless, blind, frail. But when I heard they had killed my brother's son, and his poor son and the children, even the little children.
        Jon Snow: Who are you?
        Maester Aemon: My father was Maekar, the first of his name. My brother Aegon reigned after him when I had refused the throne. And he was followed by his son, Aerys, whom they called the Mad King.
        Jon Snow: You're Aemon Targaryen.
        Maester Aemon: I am a maester of the Citadel, bound in service to Castle Black and the Night's Watch. I will not tell you to stay or go. You must make that choice yourself, and live with it for the rest of your days. As I have.

      • Qotho: (to Mirri Maz Duur) You did this, witch. (pulls out dagger)
        Daenerys Targaryen: Stop it. I don't want her hurt.
        Qotho: No? No? You don't want her hurt? Pray we don't hurt you, too. You let this witch put her hands on our khal.
        Jorah Mormont: Rein in your tongue. She is still your khaleesi.
        Qotho: Only while the blood of my blood lives. When he dies, she is nothing.
        Daenerys Targaryen: I have never been nothing. I am the blood of the dragon.
        Qotho: The dragons are all dead, khaleesi.

      • Qotho: (about Khal Drogo) He fell from his horse. A khal who cannot ride is no khal.

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