Game of Thrones

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 12, 2011 on HBO

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  • *** Spoilers *** Surreal, pivotal, strange and jaw dropping penultimate

    Khal Drogo is invincible ! Well apparently not. It's what happens when you play with sharp blades and think the power of the flesh is stronger than steel. Once Drogogo deadly wounded it was thrilling to see Daenerys struggling to command his men. In the past installment some of them proved that they cared more about their libido than the respect she deserves. It's logical after all because you can't expect the Dothraki to fully embrace her as their new Queen. For the moment she hasn't done enough for them and talks way too much for her own good. So with scavengers dangerously circling around her and considering she used the forbidden black magic to save her husband I think we should really worry about her life. However it was exciting to see her bodyguard finally fight with his sword and he looked quite chivalrous in his shiny armor ! Fly away with your damsel before it's too late !

    After Jon Snow's heroic saving I was expecting more undead to come back but surprisingly his arc was relatively calm. In fact the whole episode was when I had predicted some epic bloody sequences. So The Pointy End wasn't really the calm before the storm. But isn't it a bit naive to await for entertaining battles when the show is so great at developing its characters ? The discussion he had with the blind old man was almost scary and it was painful to see Jon hesitating between his watcher duty and past life as a bastard. As for the well deserved sword he received it convinced me even more than reading the novels is mandatory to appreciate the show to its maximum. Indeed I'm sure George R. R. Martin wrote about it for pages and described it in great details. I can't imagine how rewarding it must be for the long time fans to finally see these artifacts, like the Iron Throne, in motion !

    But the Dothraki and Jon Snow arcs were minor compared to the overwhelming Stark versus Lannister story. Dark Bronn and little big Tyrion really make a strange team ! Moreover Jerome Flynn and Peter Dinklage chemistry is delightful ! It's also interesting that their scenes oscillate between comic relief and tragedy. The top notch production also contributes to make them even more authentic. In fact one of the things I appreciate the most is their dirty look. From the costumes to the make-up, or should I say mud-up, it's hard not to believe they could actually exist and of course it's also true for Jon Snow, who hasn't taken a bath for 9 episodes now apparently. But of course things became even more challenging when Tyrion had to play his own drinking game. Learning about his love story was enlightening and revealed what's really going on between him and his brother Jaime Lannister. To tell the truth I didn't really get what happened to him, how he ended up being a Stark prisoner. For the moment I suppose they just kidnapped him after passing the gates, opened thanks to Lady Stark's bold move. The poor woman it seems her destiny is to only deal with creepy people. First her disturbed sister, now an old man who loves his young daughter way too much. As for Tyrion being knocked out the very first seconds of the battle it was both puzzling and hilarious. At first I found these ellipsed elements slightly confusing but then I quickly realized that they actually contributed to the success of Baelor. It was actually a wise decision because you can't cover everything in such a short time so leaving the rest to our wild imagination is more then welcome in the end.

    Last but not least with Ned's head out of the game it seems Jaime is on the verge of losing his own. Saying that I saw Joffrey's Machiavellian plan coming from miles away would be a terrible lie. Indeed little Arya just broke my heart and I naively hoped that she would somehow save the day with her tiny sword. Even Cersei was shocked when she's supposed to be the one pulling the strings. Apparently her puppet is now out of control and like in Ancient Rome it seems the kingdom will learn what it costs to grant unlimited power to an evil boy. King Caligula ? His reign has begun !
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