Game of Thrones

Season 4 Episode 3

Breaker of Chains

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2014 on HBO
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In the frenzied aftermath of the royal wedding, Tyrion gets a visit from a loyal subject, but wonders if anyone in his family will help him out of his current predicament. Meanwhile, Tywin offers to work for the common good with a presumed enemy; Sam takes stock of the personnel at Castle Black; the Hound gives another life lesson to Arya; and Daenerys makes a decision outside the walls of Meereen.


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  • Thoughts on "Breaker of Chains"

    (This is my second time watching this season, so I'll try not to hint at anything from future episodes)

    I feel like this episode gets a lot of attention for the scene between Cersei and Jaime at the beginning of the episode, where he calls her a hateful woman and forces her to have sex in front of Joffrey's body. Personally, I think Jaime raped Cersei, but it doesn't ruin the viewing experience for me the way it did for a lot of people out there. This show takes place in a gritty world, and while I feel the scene is fine in the episode, the big problem was that the director kept putting his foot in his mouth and trying to explain that the scene didn't depict a rape. This whole issue has already been beat to death, so I'll say that, while the scene is reprehensible, it makes sense based on what we know about Jaime and Cersei to this point.

    Moving on: the episode had a lot of the place-setting common to shows like Game of Thrones. The Stannis/Davos scenes basically existed to set up future events, and while I love Liam Cunningham in the role of Davos, I sometimes wish the show paid a little more attention to him and Stannis. Sure, it's fun to watch the Lannister drama and see Daenerys and her dragons wreak havoc in the east, but the Baratheon scenes sometimes get short shrift.

    As always, the scenes with Arya and the Hound are fantastic. The Hound continues to teach Arya the tough lessons of life while not sacrificing an ounce of the grit and grime that makes him fun to watch. I also enjoyed the scene where Tywin begins the process of grooming Tommen for his new role as King.

    Tywin was also involved in a memorable scene with Oberyn Martell. We know, based on the previous episodes, that Gregor Clegane The Mountain, The Hound's brother) raped and killed Oberyn's sister, and as a result, Oberyn shows none of the intimidation or fear that many of the other characters feel around Tywin. It's clear that the show is leading us to believe Oberyn will seek his vengeance sometime by the end of the season, but until then, it's fun to watch Pedro Pascal as Oberyn bounce off of the other characters.

    And finally: Let's give it up for Emilia Clarke. There aren't many actresses that can be off-screen for fifty-plus minutes, show up for the final scene and steal the show. While this ending wasn't as thrilling as "And Now His Watch Has Ended," where she killed off the slave-owners with her dragons and her newly purchased army, but it was still fun to watch her monologue and have Daario Naharis defeat the Meeranese's so-called

    I didn't even touch on some of the other scenes, but since this is my second watch-through of the season, I'll just say that the episode isn't as thrilling as the first two episodes, but deserves to be remembered as more than just the episode with the Cersei/Jaime scene.

  • Breaker Of Chains

    A lot of shouting and interest given last week's shocking episode, but some points did seem a bit boring to me. 6.5/10 is a fair score for the episode.
  • Breaker of Chains (Spoilers Ahead)

    A decent follow-up episode of Game of Thrones that slowed things down a bit in King's Landing after last week's hugely eventful wedding.

    King's Landing

    Picking up right where we left off last week Tyrion is grabbed by the City Watch and thrown into a dungeon for supposedly killing Joffrey. Pod comes to visit him and Tyrion tells him to cooperate with Cersei's people so that he doesn't end up locked up and dead too. As altruistic Tyrion is in that moment it's too bad to see him consigned to defeat so soon after being locked up (although it had been for a few days). This will be some rich material for Peter Dinklage to chew into when we move further into the season. Tywin lectures Tommen in the Great Sept of Baelor about what it takes to be a good king, something that Tommen will surely be better at than his A-hole brother was. Cersei is visited by Jaime and he essentially rapes her right there while she holds her dead son's hand. In the books this was at least implied to be somewhat consensual, I'm not surprised that Cersei getting raped causes outrage as rape always should. I'm glad we're in a modern age where that occurring on a TV show can be critically discussed and tell us a lot about where our culture stands on topics like that. Alas, no Bronn this week. Sansa is taken to a ship by Ser Dontos and Littlefinger awaits her on the ship (when he's supposed to be in the Vale). One of his soldiers kills Dontos with a crossbow and they're off. It was good to see that he had a hand in Joffrey's death, and his breaking of the cheap crystals on the necklace Dontos gave her were surely where the poison in Joffrey's wine came from. Oberyn is visited by Tywin and promised vengeance on the Mountain for his dead sister Elia and his nieces and nephews if he sits as the third chair on Tyrion's trial which he agrees to.


    Davos reads a letter to Stannis about Joffrey's death and Stannis tells him how the magic of Melisandre is what caused their good fortune but he has no army to stake his claim on Westeros. Davos suggests some sellsword companies fight for them but Stannis tells him they have no gold for which to do so. Davos then gets inspiration to write a letter to the Iron Bank of Braavos being able to credit them the amount for Stannis' claim to hire sellwords in Stannis' name.

    In the North

    Sam moves Gilly from Castle Black to Mole's Town thinking it will keep her safer, although probably not. He is teased by his comrades because they don't believe he actually slew a White Walker. Tormund, Ygritte, and the rest of their merry band raid a camp near Castle Black but one small boy escapes the slaughter and delivers the message of their proximity to Jon and company. Rangers also return from North of the Wall and tell them that the mutineers are still held up in Craster's Keep. Jon says they must go after them because of his bluff that Castle Black is held by 1000 soldiers and if Mance takes the Craster's gang hostage and tortures them they will surely say that they are only manned by no more than 100 soldiers. So no doubt a party will be heading North of the Wall to deal with them promptly.

    The Riverlands

    Arya and the Hound find shelter in the home of a kind father and his daughter. The father offers the Hound to be able to work for fair wages and help keep his home safe and the Hound agrees, sort of. I love Arya making up the story of how the Hound is so rude because he is her father and hasn't been the same since her mother passed away, and that he fought for House Tully. The Hound pulls a fast one and takes the silver from the kind man and is appropriately chewed out for it by Arya, because what a dick move Hound. His whole "survival of the fittest" bit is just ridiculous, but we're definitely seeing a different side to the Hound through Arya's experiences.


    Having reached the gate of Meereen, Daenerys tells the people of Meereen that she is there to free their slaves (white savior complex anyone? Colonialism anyone?) and she fires barrels filled with broken chains over the walls because symbolism. It's a smart play to get the slaves to turn on their masters and essentially do most of her rebellion for her. Smart move Dany. She's also greeted by the "Champion of Meereen" who taunts her and tells her that she is no ruler. Daario agrees to fight him, without a horse. He has a great badass moment where he merely throws a sword through the horse's head which makes the champion fly off the horse, and then with one sword swing he beheads the Champion, problem solved.

    Decent episode if not a little cluttered and unfocused in areas, it did do a lot of work on building storyblocks for the coming events of the season that will surely pay off later.

  • GOT compelling watch

    Every episode this season has been so strong, it has a real hook in it so far. I love how risky they are with some of their plots too, great watch
  • Bah The Danerys plotline is incredible but I look forward to Arya's the most.

    Incredible start to the season All 3 new episodes left me unusually upset that I have to wait 7 fucking days for the next one.
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    • Daenerys Targaryen: (to the slaves of Mereen) I am Daenerys Stormborn. Your Masters may have told you lies about me, or they may have told you nothing. It does not matter. I have nothing to say to them. I speak only to you. First, I went to Astapor. Those who were slaves in Astapor, now stand behind me, free. Next I went to Yunkai. Those who were slaves in Yunkai, now stand behind me, free. Now I have come to Mereen. I am not your enemy. Your enemy is beside you. Your enemy steals and murders your children. Your enemy has nothing for you but chains and suffering, and commands. I do not bring you commands. I bring you a choice. I bring your enemies what they deserve.

    • Daenerys Targaryen: You sure you don't want a horse?
      Daario Naharis: Why would I want a horse?
      Daenerys Targaryen: Horses are faster than men.
      Daario Naharis: Horses are dumber than men.

    • Stannis Baratheon: I will not become a page in someone else's history book.

  • NOTES (1)

    • According to show linguist David Peterson, the Meerenese champion's Low Valyrian insults are from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


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