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After watching the trailer for season four, I was left wondering which plot points it will cover. Obviously, it will start off after the events of season three's finale, which roughly coincides with the end of the first half of Swords. Therefore, it seems logical for season four to be occupied by the latter half, as it was also stated officially.

This here is empty space occupied by letters to push the following paragraphs to after the break because I know how our dear-hearted, not-reading friends fear them spoilers. Nasty, those. Did you hear the dinosaurs went extinct? Jeez, as a protest I didn't go on the internet for weeks after someone broke it to me. And I hadn't even finished Primeval yet!

-- Again, light book spoilers ahead --

However, the few scenes the trailer shows us of Daenerys seem quite a bit further along the story, ergo A Dance With Dragons material. Swords ended with her taking up rule in Mereen, whereas season four seems to be mostly about exactly that, her ruling the city that is - including her dragon troubles alluded to by that final shot of Drogon hovering before a child that are some of the lastmost issues she faces in Dance.
While I'm not opposed to condensing Dany's storyline as it slows down a bit in the later books, this begs the question - be my impression indeed the case - what they will do with her in the following seasons - A Feast for Crows and Dance are by my calculation good for at least three seasons, after all.

On the other hand, the remaining scenes align pretty well with the plot of Swords part two: The battle at the Wall, Brienne's search for Sansa, the royal wedding and subsequent troubles as well as Arya's journey towards Bravos.

So there, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Just to be clear, though. I don't have any doubt Weiss and Benioff know what they're doing. One thing is for sure: We are in for one hell of a television season in April!
Also, The Winds of Winter can't come soon enough. Quite literally, too, since we Europeans are experiencing a fairly moderate climate this year.
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