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Sunday 9:00 PM on HBO (Returning April 12, 2015)

Its been a while, but I finally have enough goodies for a another bundle of stuff

Its only 8 seconds long, but here's the first clip of season 4 -

Here are the first on set photos of the Red Viper and Ellaria

And this on set photo has Gregor Clegane as well

There is a production diary with some hints about the episode Neil Marshall will be directing (Its got a big battle scene apparently), so click here to read it.

There is also a production diary (click here) for Across the Narrow Sea - (via Making Game of Thrones)

IFTN also has an interview with Neil Marshall about the episode (Click here)

Someone made a real, non cgi castle - like in the title sequence ;-) -

So apparently some scientist found a new species of sea slug and named it after Danerys (via The Mary Sue)

George R.R. Martin has written a novella, set in Westros past, called The Princess and the Queen or The Blacks and the Greens - io9 has a synopsis (click here)

Here is a watercooler catch up for GoT -

Funko Pop! has a new line of GoT toys -

Yes, thats right, you can take off Neds head!

And here are some of the actors posing with their action figures -

My Fanbase has an interview with Gwendoline Christie (Brienne), to read it click here

Adam Spizak has created some Game of Thrones art prints (available for purchase at

There are other tv related prints there as well.

And I'll finish off with some Game of Thrones art

by Alex Negrea

by Aurelio González Pérez

by Aurelio González Pérez

by Aurelio González Pérez

Graphite drawing by artist Nathalie Hutsebaut

Digital art by unknown source

By Alberto Costa Gomez

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