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3) Oberyn Martell: Bisexual father of 8, takes time from his busy agenda seeking revenge to write poetry to his daughters, watch over them as they play with Princess Myrcella and stand up to anyone that call them bastards. Remember: the Mountain has not just doomed Tyrion, it orphaned 8 girls that were waiting for Oberyn to return home.

2) Stannis Baratheon: Grim leader of few, he doesn't have much going for him except his fatherly devotion to his infidel daughter; you know this is a real father when he defends Shireen from her mother's punishments, his lover's "cleansing" bonfire and anything that may harm her this and every season.

1) Lord Bolton: No father in Game of Thrones has ever acknowledged a bastard. Keep them around? Yes (Ned Stark, Lord Frey, Jaime Lannister, etc.). Acknowledge their existance? Maybe (King Robert, Craster, the next Lord down the corner), but give them their name, after everything that's happened between them, every disappointment, insult, flaying, torture and backstabbing? No one until Ramsay's father turned him from a Snow to a Bolton.


3) Jaime Lannister: It's not that he doesn't care about his sons, but that he cares more about their mother. To be fair, he promised Tommen he would make sure he'd be safe, and he did run towards Joffrey as his first born laid dying. But he wouldn't even show up at their funeral if it didn't involve alone time with Cersei.

2) Tywin Lannister: The no-brainer option of the show has raised a couple of incest twins, a glorified bodyguard (in his own words) and a son he treats like a bastard. In fact the only time Tywin shined as a Dad was the few weeks he spent raising Ned Stark's daughter, while he didn't know "the girl" was actually named Arya Stark.

1) Balon Greyjoy: When a father let his daughter to go for what's left of Reek, rather than fight for a son he supposedly loved more than the Starks, then you know you have a winner.


3) Ser Allister Thorne:
The acting Lord Commander of The Night's Watch would stand for each one of the men who hate him, like only the father of 102 84 adolescents would.

2) Sam Tarly: He may not have fathered baby Sam, but has been a father to the wildling baby ever since the first White Walker came to recruit him for their army.

1) The Hound: Now, he may not be the surrogate father Ned wanted for Arya to grow up with, but he is the surrogate father that Arya needs.

* As always, for succcession reasons, only confirmed fathers could be featured on the poll.

So, which is your favorite father? Which is your least favorite father this seaon? Which honorary father should adopt all the orphans in Westeros and which one should have never fathered at all? Give them a heartfelt Happy Father's Day or laugh at their children's luck in the comments below.

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