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It's been a week and Jon Snow still knows nothing, I don't think he ever will. However, there was one character that told him so, better than his father Ned Stark, better than Lady Stark his stepmother, or even the sister he gave her first sword to.

So here's to honor what are, basically, the last fanvids that will ever be made about Jon & Ygritte. Also, I'd wish to break my tradition of 5 vids because I'm already sobbing with these as it is...

3) We move lightly, by AwesomeOYE2
An earnest chronicle from the day they met till the day she died.

2) Jon & Ygritte, by maz vial
Focusses on the fact that, even as she died, they remember that cave.

1) Open your eyes, by eleventhhourx
For if they die, they die. But first, they lived. Gods, how they lived!


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i'm still pissed she died, dammit :(
Hey, (Awesome) that was a really great compilation... thanks for all the work you put into it... ;-)
I think the makers put the real work here. I mean, I barely make it through the tears as I was picking the bests I found, I don't want to know how the makers did it to make it through the process of selecting the scenes-music here.
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