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I was going to do the wildlings first, but this video sold me into a piece about the most interesting twosome that ever fought a bear together.

The first thing that caught my attention about them is how their individual stories were interesting in their own right; Brienne by witnessing Renly's demise and swearing revenge on Stannis (Stannis!), Jaime by engaging in incest with his sister and pushing Bran out of a window.

By all means, these two should have never, ever, met if it weren't for Catelyn Stark. And its kind of sweet that, the fate she planned for her eldest son and the ugly daughter of Walder Frey, was fulfilled by the eldest son of Tywin Lannister and the ugly daughter of Selwyn Tarth.

It was oddly enlightening to see Jaime through Brienne's perspective. A female Ned Stark of sorts her opinion mattered the most, if not to the character then at least to the audience. An audience that got to see the man Jaime really was, a man that he hid from Starks & Lannisters alike after he saved the people from King's Landing from their own King.

It was also endearing to see Brienne through Jaime's perspective. Hopelessly devoted to someone he could never be with, Jaime was in a unique position to understand Brienne's devotion to a gay man that never returned her affections. To walk her through the grieving process, still raw enough she would rather die than to lay with a man that wasn't her late King.

The frailty of their arrangement lies in how exposed they could actually be when sorrounded by other people: Renly's wife, Jaime's sister, Catelyn & Ned's daughters, etc. Can Jaime uphold the man he revealed around Brienne? Can she forget Renly and move on? Can they keep in King's Landing whatever they achieved on the road? Would they even want to?

So, what you look forward the most? Cersei's reaction to Brienne or Margaery & Loras's reaction to Jaime? What Tywin has to say about the whole thing or what Joffrey has to say about it? Jaime & Brienne's reaction to The Red Wedding or their reaction to Joffrey's upcoming wedding? Hit the poll and comment!

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Mar 29, 2014
Just a hint at how epic its going to be:

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