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Sunday 9:00 PM on HBO (Returning April 24, 2016)

They are fierce, they are savages and they are going to light The Biggest Fire The North Has Ever Seen.

It would be easy to dismiss the wildlings as troublemakers; the anarchists that choose their own Kings, pray to their own Gods or make their own rules. However, the wildlings are more than just Mance Rayder: they are the lovers that never came home like Osha's Bruni, the babies that will never see their brothers like Gilly’s son, or the ones that didn't run far enough before recruited by an unholy army like the little girl from the pilot episode.

The wildlings go up against the Wall, not because they are vicious, but because they’ve seen what they will become if they don't cross it. And, to face whatever is on the other side, is better than to join the White Walkers army - which is why Osha faced the Starks, Sam his Lord Commander or Mance the Night's Watch itself - a threat so fomidable nobody south of the Wall wants to believe it exists.

And yet the threat keeps marching...

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