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They are the Watchers on the Wall, the shield that guards the Realms of Men, the first three casualties of the pilot episode.

The first Stark we saw among them was uncle Benjen, Ned's surviving brother, the perfect role model for a Jon Snow that couldn't wait to join his Order. Then along came Ser Allister, as arrogant as the first Crow to die in the pilot, ready to abuse any recruit as green as Sam, Pyp or Grenn.

Their stories were as surprising as different were Yoren, Aemon Targaryen or Lord Commander Mormont from one another. The Order seemed like a perfect utopia, ready to forgive any past crime, willing to embrace Gendry, Jaqen H'ghar and Arry the orphan alike.

It wasn't until Janos Slynt was sent to Eastwatch by the Sea - because of a crime as abominable as the one Craster committed against his baby boys - that the story hint something wasn't quite right about them, yet nothing could've prepared the audience for the reality that hit once that Lord Commander Mormont was stabbed by his own men, the very criminals he forgave once they joined the Order.


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