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Best Swords
have a name, and we've already voted for the very Best Sword Ever named, a sword that represented connection between two people, between the audience and them, and even between the show and Ned Stark.

The Best Swords have a name, but then again so do our Favorites Swords, either from Sunday night episode or four seasons ago. On the show, there're several of them...

Ned Stark's sword:
  • Ice, season 1, reforged in Widow's Wail (Joffrey's third sword) and Oathkeeper (Brienne's & Jaime's sword) by Tywin Lannister in episode 2 of season 4.

Arya Stark's sword:
  • Needle, season 1- 4, used to kill Lommy no last name in season 2, taken by Polliver between seasons 2 and 3, regained by Arya thanks to The Hound, used to avenge Lommy in episode 2 of season 4.

Joffrey's swords:
  • Lion...something, season 1, thrown to a river by Arya in episode 2.
  • Hearteater, season 2, kissed by Sansa before the battle of Blackwater in episode 9.
  • Widow's Wail, season 4, named at Joffrey's wedding 2 episodes ago.

Jaime and Brienne's sword:
  • Oathkeeper, the better half of Ice ever since the latest episode of season 4.

Lord Commander Mormont's and Jon Snow's sword:
  • Longclaw, season 1, given to Jon after he saved the Lord Commander from a blue eyed corpse in episode 8. It was supposed to be passed on to Ser Jorah Mormont before the series began.

Stannis's sword (Beric Dondarion's sword?)
  • Lightbringer, season 3, a flaming sword that's supposed to be given by R'hllor. For some reason not explained on the show, Thoros of Myr wasn't supposed to have the power to give one. And yet Beric Dondarion lives on.

Targaryen's sword
  • Dark Sister, as told by Arya and Tywin on the dark halls of Harrenhal, season 2.

Favorite Swords also have a name, so which name is your favorite?


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