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During this fairly dry article, I'll be focusing on another character who, for some reason, has been often topping the 'most hated characters' lists. I'm not an idiot. I don't expect Sansa to be everyone's favorite, she hasn't killed anyone, she doesn't have dragons, she's not excactly 'purely good' character... She's very unlike the more popular characters.

But in all seriousness, whatculture.com site ranked her as the 6th hated character of GoT last year. Just to put things in perspective Sansa was more ”despicable” than The Fucking Mountain, the man who raided the Riverlands on the orders of Tywin Lannister and killed, raped, and burned people alive during this time. But yeah... Little things.

Admittedly the hate has been reducing and this post might be a year too late but I still see ”Sansa sucks/should die/is the reason why African kids starve” comments on Youtube and Facebook.

TV.com, however, is full of people who aren't borderline idiotic and/or can actually empathize with characters and can think, so the 'hate' comments aren't as common here. And by that previous phrase, I don't mean that if you don't like Sansa, you're an idiot, can't empathize or think... If you blame Sansa for most of what went wrong in the first season then I think that you might be one of those things.

I'm not going to speculate as to what it is in our society shapes us into thinking that Sansa's actions are among the worst of the two first seasons. I wasn't a fan of her. I thought her to be bratty, idiotic, shallow and spoiled (and she was)... But I never thought her to be the cause of pretty much anything significant. Except for one thing, which I'm not going to talk about. It was glorious.

I love lists, so I'll make one about the biggest 'flaws' Sansa has and what I think about those flaws .

#1 She's not Arya

And by that I mean that she acts like a girl, she is a pawn... Well Sansa is almost the polar opposite of Arya. And for some reason, many of those who don't like her, compare her to a character that has nothing else in common with her except for the parents.

- Most of her character is inner monologue in the books. She doesn't have a single soul that she could trust properly and therefore she hasn't really talked about her opinions/views/feelings that much. Arya on the other hand has Yoren, Gendry, Hot Pie, Jaqen, and the Hound. This is why it's easier to grow a bit fonder of Sansa when reading the books as you know everything she thinks. It's most likely extremely hard to translate Sansa's thoughts to the small screen.

- She's a lot more passive than Arya. Ties in with the previous point. No one escapes King's Landing on their own. Arya had Yoren, after that she had Gendry, Jaqen, and Hot Pie and now The Hound is helping her.

- She's very passive. I need to underline this. She plays her part because that's how she keeps alive... Well, no... Sansa is the key to the North. No way Joffrey would kill her when Tywin is around.. Or Tyrion. But still, it has most likely saved her from hundreds of beatings.

#2 The death of Lady...

- This is the big one. This is the scene that made me hate the character a bit. Then I started to think.

- The whole incident starts when Arya has asked Mycah, the butcher's boy, to ”swordfight” with her and Joffrey and Sansa come around. - Joffrey acts like a Joffrey and cuts Mycah's cheek. Arya defends Mycah, stuff happens, Nymeria attack Joffrey. No one can blame Arya, she couldn't have known that there would be repercussions for assaulting the prince. OR could she? Dundundun!

- Cersei demands Nymeria's death but as Nymeria is now gone, Cersei settles for Lady's pelt. Robert agrees because he is a great king.

- Eddard fiercely defends his daughter's pet's life by asking ”Is this your will?” from Robert.

- Then proceeds to give the wolf a proper death by killing it himself. Not sure if this was included in the show as it has been a while since I watched the first season BUT... Ned then sends the wolf to be buried in Winterfell aka. Sending the evidence of Lady's death away. Now, this is just a thought: why didn't he just send Lady to Winterfell.. Alive?

- Ned meets the Hound when going to execute Lady. The Hound is carrying the butcher's boy's corpse hinting towards the fact that Mycah would have died anyway as he was most likely killed during the trial.

- #3 Sansa doesn't say anything during the trial.

- She doesn't tell people that her sister attacked the crown prince and she doesn't tell them that Joffrey abused Mycah. Not a move you want to make if you want to be liked, I have to agree here... But if Sansa said ”Joffrey started it” would it have mattered that much to Cersei? She would have still thought that a wolf should die. Lannisters pay their debts. Robert would have still thought that dire wolves aren't pets and after a while, he would have crumbled under Cersei's will.

- This is two edged blade thingy. I can say that Sansa's testimony would have saved Lady or I could say that it wouldn't have mattered because of Cersei. The only thing that's for sure is the fact that Sansa would be more likeable if she would have sided with Arya.

#4 She went to Cersei and told that her father is taking them away from KL.

- Do I even need to say why this is one of the most stupid things you could use when giving arguments for why you hate Sansa? Oh, okay...

- So... I'm Ned. I'm in King's Landing and I think that the Lannisters tried to kill my son and killed my foster father, Jon Arryn because they found out that Cersei and Jaime had been doing it.

- I go to my daughters and tell the truth, the whole truth. They proceed to leave with me because I told them that I believe that the Lannisters tried to kill their brother.

- If I would choose to be vague about this or chose to not tell them at all, everything that happens, happens because of me.

#5 Sansa wrote a letter telling Robb to swear fealty to Joffrey.

Her father was a prisoner and those who imprisoned him wanted her to write that letter. I would most likely do anything to save my father, writing a letter would be a good start.

- This goes further when Sansa begs Joffrey to spare his father in front of the whole court. She is actively begging for a ”traitor”. That kinda balances it out I think.

#6 Sansa doesn't trust and/or like Tyrion.

Not really that big of a flaw. Not really a flaw at all. She doesn't trust the Lannisters... The family that killed his father, brother and mother. How very stupid of her to think that the Lannisters are untrustworthy.

- For all of those who think that Sansa doesn't appreciate Tyrion, this is from her book 4 chapter ”When Joff had her beaten, the Imp defended her” so it's not like she forgot everything that Tyrion did for her.

Okay... Dull, dry and preachy... Mission accomplished. Now that that's over I'd like to take a paragraph or two to say that Sansa is probably my favorite character from the show aaand the books. She shows more strength than most by surviving in King's Landing, manages to keep a lot of her empathy for others even though she gets beaten constantly and well... I love characters who are far from perfect. They seem more alive to me than the flawless hero-archetypes. So in a way this was also an article of why I like and appreciate the character so much.

When I started reading, couldn't wait for more Arya and Dany... Now I'm hoping that the Winds of Winter would be released because I want more Theon and Sansa... And Stannis. Goddammit... The day when Game of Thrones' Facebook page starts to promote Stannis and Davos, is the day the apocalypse is growing near... Mark my words.

Sorry for the length, the lack of cohesiveness, and possible mistakes! Here's an image of how many different forms of the word "dog" has in my language:

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