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I've seen a lot of polls in the internet about people's favorite characters and about characters who should sit on the Iron Throne and who would be the best king/queen. So I'm going to choose the question that not a lot of people seem to be asking... Game of Thrones has a lot of gray characters. Each with their own flaws, questionable morals, honor code and motives. So I'm asking who do you think is the most realistic? Is it Arya who goes from a wild child to a killer? Is it Joffrey who is evil mostly because (I think) of his mother's upbringing? Is it Daenerys who goes from a "mail order" (Yeah I know it's not accurate... I am suffering from a major brain fart and can't find the correct word) bride to a conqueror? Whoever it is... Remember... The most REALISTIC... Doesn't have to be your favourite character. You can give reasons for your decision in the comment section.

Poll: The most realistic character:

I think that'll look monstrous as it is so I didn't add Jorah, Barristan, Yara, Balon, Walder, Melisandre, Loras, Olenna etc...

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