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After a week of nothing but huge praise of Jack Gleeson's fantastic portrayal Joffrey Baratheon, I wanted to make a post to praise the quality of acting this in this show. More accurately, I wanted to ask who is your favorite actor/actress so I could tell you mine.

Who do you like the best (off-screen interviews, their views on the show, whatever)? Who is doing the best job and why do you think so? And what is your favorite scene from that character?
If you read the books, who has managed to capture the essence of their character best/who reminds you of their book-counterpart the most?

Now I want to make something clear before I start. I know bad acting when I see it but I can't differentiate when an actor provides a fantastic performance or just a good performance. Why am I making this post then? Because I trust that the community is a lot wiser than me in these matters. And another thing worth mentioning. I went back like a year on the community page to see if there has been a ”Top actor/favorite actor kind of a post. I didn't see any (there was one about Emmy snubs so I'll leave a hyperlink of that here but it only seemed to scratch the surface) but in all honesty, I just skimmed the community feed so it could be that I missed it. If I did, say so. I think a public humiliation is a price that I should pay for that.

First my favorite! Alfie God Damn Allen!

Alfie Allen has been amongst my favorite actors from this show ever since the scene where Theon executes Ser Rodrik (up there). I don't know why. Allen's face pops in my head everytime I read a Theon chapter. Another reason is the fact that in many ways, show-Theon is different than book-Theon but Allen manages to manipulate me into thinking that the things show-Theon feels are part of the Theon I know from books.

For example: bTheon thinks of Robb as his brother as does the sTheon... However, bTheon thinks of Eddard Stark as a possible executioner not a father. 'The shadow of Eddard's greatsword, Ice, was always between them' to paraphrase the books. But Theon's monologue about his 'real father losing his head in King's Landing'...

I bought it completely. In many ways Alfie's (yes, we got to the first name basis during the previous paragraph thingy) portrayal of Theon is one of the main reasons why I adore this tragic, desperate and pathetic character so much. I guess that's enough reasons for thinking his great at his job.

Allen is by far the most underrated actor this show has. I'd say under-appreciated but he's not. Everyone I have talked to about GoT has said that he's great but he just hasn't received any sort of official recognition for his role.

The inner hipster continues as the second actor I'm going to mention is Sophie Turner.

Sophie is an odd choice in a way. She has been constantly solid but I have to admit that she hasn't really had a scene as powerful as ”My real father lost his head in King's Landing” or the bath monologue by NCW. She hasn't really stood out from the massive cast this show has, which is not me dissing the actress as much as it is me praising the quality of acting this show has or I think it has.

The moment that made me appreciate Turner the most was the ”Or maybe he'll give me yours” scene from S01. It was so calmly delivered and yet it had this fury/rage? Or it could be the 'Kubrick Stare' she gave Joffrey when she was about to push him off the bridge... Whatever it was it has stuck with me ever since I saw it. Here's the clip.

For some reason I can't take my eyes off her eyes. You could mute that video and read everything from her eyes. Maybe. I can't stress it enough that I'm not all that great with determining what makes for a great performance but that scene was probably my favorite scene of the whole first season.

Joffrey was a dick, Sansa was awesome for the first time ever and gets beaten for it, the Hound of all people was knightly and the show ripped open the fresh wounds from the fresh death of Ned. That scene could almost entirely describe this show: good people get punished, goodness is found in the weirdest places, the dicks have the most power and that this show loves to repeatedly rip open fresh and old wounds.

Now that I have written the whole thing and edited it (if you think this is long, it was about twice as long before I cut some stuff out. Haha), I'll put this here...
This post is 3 actors ”shorter” than I planned it to be. The length of the post started to bother me (Sophie and Alfie were the first that popped to my mind so their reasons for being on my list are more detailed! I promise! I'm not a fanboy!) so I'll just brutally summarize the missing three in one or two phrases.

Maisie Williams, Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Maisie obviously is one talented lass (I could point at any scene she's been in to prove that), Lena Headey is great and seems to love Cersei as much as Cersei loves herself/her children (I find it admirable for some reason, it's one of the reasons Sophie is on my list. She genuinely seems to love Sansa/playing Sansa) and NCW was just made for this role. He is Jaime Lannister. So my favorite scenes from them:

Because of NCW's ”Are you kidding me” face during Jaime's discussion with Cersei + the hilarious golden arm waving.


Because... Well you see.

And because I couldn't find the weird scene where Cersei was so threatening that Tyrion fell over the steps. I thought that to be fantastic but this will do.

I don't know how that embedding worked out. Some videos don't like being linked, some require the embed-code and some don't even have one. We'll see. Sorry for mistakes and what not.
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