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In which all the building blocks start falling into place.

  • I do enjoy the quieter episodes like this one. Lovely intro scene between Grey Worm and Misandei – with their fingertips almost but not quite touching, trying to rebuild themselves as people.

  • So sloppy of the Meereeneese not to padlock their sewers.
  • Right, this must be where things went like this:
WRITERS: “So we're going to have a big ass slave rebellion on screen and it's going to be a bloodbath in the streets of Meereen. We will need 100,000 extras and costumes and weapons.”


WRITERS: “Okay, so we're just gonna show the start of the rebellion, then. Masters getting slaughtered in their houses by their slaves, etc...”

ACCOUNTANT: “You can show one master getting killed -”


ACCOUNTANT: “ - and a couple of crucifixions since the crosses have been paid for already.”

WRITERS: “This is all Joffrey's bloody wedding's fault! We have no money left for ANYTHING!”

ACCOUNTANT: “I told you 'less pies', but you didn't listen.”

WRITERS: “Oh shut up.”

  • WARNING - Total Geek Nitpicking - You know that mental record needle screeching sound you hear when a scene suddenly stops working? I got one of them here:

  • Shouldn't the kid running in front be shouting Mhysa *at* Daenerys or keep turning back to look adoringly at her? The way this was done, it felt so off.
  • Daenerys is a Targaryen all right. You can see some of Viserys' ruthlessness seeping through here. Something tells me she should have listened to Barristan Selmy though. I have a bad feeling about this (TM)

  • I guess the little twirl Jaime manages with his sword is meant to tell us that he's getting better at using his left hand.
  • Bronn snatching Jaime's hand to hit him with cracked me up so much. This is SO Bronn.
  • I got such warm fuzzies hearing Bronn defending Tyrion and pushing Jaime to do something about it. I never forget Bronn is the kind of sellsword who would ask “how much” if asked to kill a kid. It always comes as a little bit of a shock to see him act as a decent friend.
  • “You're really asking if I'd kill your son?” “You're really asking if I'd kill my brother?” What a lovely, lovely exchange. My heart swelled with perfectly tuned Bromance violins here.
  • “Sansa's not a killer. Not yet anyway.” Maybe not but she is learning the Game.

  • It's The Little Things That Count: Sansa's shifting sideways glance as Baelish tells her she'll be safe in the Eyrie – yeah, right. She doesn't believe a word of it. I don't think the girl will ever feel safe again.
  • I like that Sansa knows her husband well enough to dismiss the possibility of him being the killer. (I will miss Sansa and Tyrion as a couple. I thought these two worked well on screen together.)
  • I am waiting for the day when the “life lessons” Littlefinger gives Sansa come back to bite him in the ass.
  • So yeah, Baelish conspired with Olenna to kill Joffrey. I had guessed half of this. The Tyrells always were an obvious choice.
  • “Nothing like a thoughtful gift to make a new friendship grow strong.” And you seriously think Sansa doesn't know by now who your 'new friends' are? You know nothing Petyr.
  • I wonder if the Targaryen who was once supposed to marry the Queen of Thorns was in fact Maester Aemon?
  • We know you were good, Olenna. You wore black leather catsuits and Ser John Steed kept lusting after you – oh wait, wrong show. And TMI btw.
  • “I was very, very good, you, you're even better.” And she would know this how? Ugh. Do. Not. Go. There. Brain.
  • Show of hands, how many of you think there is poison hidden in Margaery's necklace too?
  • Aw, baby Crow!
  • Locke comes across as quite nice, here in the Watch. You could almost forget he's a vicious, hand cutting, bear baiting bastard.
  • How does Jon know his mother was not high-born? Did I miss something? I thought Ned never told him who his mother was.
  • Hello, my name is Cersei and I'm a Hateful Woman with a drink problem.
  • So I guess last week's rape must have been a directing - er, can I say 'cock-up' without offending anybody? - after all, on account of no mention or fall-out whatsoever in this episode. Yeah, it must have been stage directions gone wrong, because if that scene – where Cersei repeatedly objected to doing the deed in front of her dead son's body – was shot by people who thought it would translate on screen as mere rough sex then it says all sort of nasty things about the show-runners, and I'd rather not start feeling like I want to spit in their general direction.
  • “That great cow.” Yup, Cersei is jealous of our Brienne. I think Jaime must be beginning to sense King's Landing is not a safe place for the Maid of Tarth.
  • Tommen really need to Feng Shui that bedroom.
  • Chess. Not quite mate yet, as Margeary, wisely, is taking things slow.
  • “I hope I got your measurements right.” Right, these two have officially become my OTP. This was such a – I'd hate to say 'romantic' because this is not what it's about with these two, so I guess I'll settle for 'emotionally layered' scene.
  • I am really looking forward to the adventures of Pod and Brienne. It should be as entertaining as The Hound and Arya.

  • Brienne with Jaime's sword and Pod with Tyrion's axe, it's like these two have been made keepers of the two brothers' honour. Brienne and Pod will go on fighting the good fight even if the original owners are forced to stray away from the light, which usually happens when people stay in King's Landing and/or in Cersei's vicinity.
  • Meanwhile in Mr. Guppy's Bleak House...

  • I'd like to believe that Jon Snow is going to come rescue Bran & Co, but we know nice stuff like that never happens on this show. The G.R.R. Martin Rule of Abject Misery always prevails.
  • I'm pretty sure those White Walkers think they are doing that baby a favour by turning him into one of them. I liked that the baby didn't cry when he was being held - first by Grandpa Walker and then by the Uber Walker. Cold hands warm hearts and all that?

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