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In which new alliances are forged, and bad people get stuck with a pointy end.

  • Another great episode with all the undercurrents of manipulation, monstrosity and unexpected honesty I have been savouring since last week like a fine Dornish wine.
  • Is it just me or did the Sept crowd seem much more cheerful and jolly than usual? It's as if all of Kings' Landing is exhaling a deep breath of relief: "our new king is not a sadistic psychopath! Yay!"
  • Hi Jaime. Bye Jaime. *Waves*

  • Beautifully crafted conversation between Margeary and Cersei. Cersei admitting to someone outside the Lannister clan that she knew her son was a monster was huge gift to Margeary. Therefore I was a bit disappointed Margeary played the “I haven't given any thought to it” card, when Cersei asked her if she still wanted to be queen. I thought not only the line spoiled the honest conversation Cersei had initiated but worse – it was clumsy – which is a shame because the rest was so spotlessly tuned. The writers should have come up with something less heavy handed. I would have had Margeary reply something like: “I have lost two husbands in a year, maybe I shouldn't tempt fate a third time.” Which would A) not be a downright lie and B) still give Margeary the “come on Cersei, you're gonna have to beg a little” momentum she was going for. Of course Margeary wants to be queen, she knows it, Cersei knows it, but she also wants to make clear that the balance of power has shifted. The Lannisters need the Tyrells more than the Tyrells need the Lannisters.
  • “I won't even know what to call you. 'Sister' or 'Mother.'” Oooh, clever Marge! Remember S3 when Cersei told her: “call me 'sister' again and I'll have you strangled in your sleep” ? This little, oh-so innocent line, maybe her way of telling Cersei that from now on, she will call her whatever the hell she wants.

  • I for one, am not in a hurry to see Danny cross the Narrow Sea and head for Westeros. I think this is something that should be saved for the later seasons. First, the dragons need to grow a bit more, second Danaerys is right: being a Targaryen and having dragons is not enough. She needs to learn how to rule wisely. She needs to make sure the freed slaves stay free. It might not be the most exciting thing for those of you who are all about battles and action scenes, but honestly I am not bothered. Battles are not my favourite things in this show. I'll take a Tyrion dragging his chair in the Council chamber over a Blackwater battle any day.
  • Dario gives her ships. She scolds him, yet hides a smile. I guess we're supposed to ship those two (AH!PUN). Can we have another Oberyn type for Dany please? That Dario boy is trying hard the bad boy thing but...meh. Hire Jaqen H'ghar or something.
  • Really cool shot of the Eyrie.

  • Robin Arryn. Empathy: zero. Because all Sansa needs is to be in the vicinity of yet another psychopath. The way he asked her about her kin and talked about his dead father, like his death by poison had been some minor inconvenience almost made me miss Joffrey. OY! I said *almost*.
  • Aw, poor Sansa, she looks so delighted to meet her aunt. How long is it going to take for her to find out the woman is as crazy as a bag full of rabid weasels.

  • See, I thought Lysa would have been crazy enough to murder her own husband. (I can't remember if it was in the show or the books or both when it is mentioned that Jon Arryn wanted to send young Robyn away to toughen him up, thus giving her motive.) But now we find out that Petyr, once more, was behind this and the letter Lysa sent to Catelyn. I guess my question is why? Petyr wanted to start a feud between the Stark and the Lannisters on the off chance Ned would get killed and he could get into Catelyn's pants? Srsly? Or maybe he just has a big grudge against the Starks as a whole since he was rejected by Cat and humiliated by one of them in a duel. Beats me, but one thing is sure: you don't want to be on Littlefinger's Shit List. Varys was right.

  • “I didn't like your husband. He used to pat me on the back.” Eeh. Robert was probably looking for a soft spot to plunge his knife in.
  • Interesting to see Cersei has come to term with marrying Loras. I guess, for a Lannister, this is a small price to pay to gain your father's approval. I bet even Tyrion would marry Loras if Tywin asked nicely.
  • I also thinks marrying Loras will make Jaime seethe with jealous rage and Cersei is totally down with that.
  • The Lannister can no longer pay their debts, which is why Tywin has to play nice with the Tyrells.
  • Okay, I wanna meet those folks from the bank of Braavos , just because they seem to be the only people able of making Tywin shake in his boots.
  • Still, he doesn't trust Cersei enough to give her a ball-park figure of how far up shit-creek they are.
  • You could argue that Tyrion – even if he were guilty – didn't light the Lannister's future on fire so much as save its ass, as Joffrey was a major liability. Surely, Tywin is aware of this?
  • Arya is getting a damn creepy side to her. Surely she could cross the Hound's name off her list after all they've been through together? I worry that the word 'forgiveness' no longer means anything to her.
  • It didn't take long for Sansa to find out her aunt is a paranoid nutcase. Playing the stupid girl saved her life once more. You go, Red!

  • I think Lysa saying that Sansa would become the Lady of The Vale didn't fall on deaf ears.
  • Brienne is heading towards the Wall. IMO the most obvious choice should have been Riverun, home of Sansa's mother's family, which is way closer than the Wall. but whatever.
  • "Feel free to stop at any point". Brienne darling, you're such a bully.

  • "I'm not a knight". okay, Brienne, you're not a knight, you're not a lady,what the Hell are you then? Of course Fox Mulder would say "Not everything can be labelled, categorized or easily referenced."
  • Anyway these two are officially the most adorable odd couple in Westeros.
  • Acing the waterdance Arya! But the Hound was right about the armor and the big fucking sword.
  • Do you think Arya was really trying to kill the Hound? Or did she know her sword wouldn't go through his armor/chain mail? It did look like she put some strength into it. Which is - not good.
  • All the Stark kids seem to be benefiting from a mentor who teach them valuable life lessons essential for their survival: Sansa had Tyrion and now Baelish, Bran has Jojen and Arya has the Hound. I guess Rickon has Osha.

  • "Dear Elia, roses are red, Joffrey is blue, King's Landing smells of socks, and lovers are wrapped around my finger . . .

  • This shot is necessary. This is a carefully calibrated piece of scientific evidence to demonstrate the kind of actor who should have been cast to successfully incarnate the character of Daario Naharis. This is in no way a drool shot.
  • Oh, who am I kidding?

  • Guys, I'm thinking new wedding plans. I mean, seriously! Just look at them. They're like Best in Show at Crufts. These two should breed for Westeros.
  • Seriously. I was a bit surprised by the heart to heart conversation Cersei had with Oberyn. Did these two already know each other? It would be nice to think she's getting a honest streak following Joffrey's death but this is Cersei we're talking about.

  • Yes. The boat is fishy.

  • Ahem, but I digress . . .
  • Seriously, I loved how Pod went from "dead weight" to "potentially useful" in Brienne's eyes. Killing a King's guard is no mean feat and you've got to love Pod's matter of fact way of telling her and the way she looked at him with new grudging respect.

  • My, Bran, what big legs you have grown. Hard to believe that's the same little nipper who climbed wallks 4 years ago.

  • I found Locke's death pretty anticlimatic. I really wanted Jaime to cross path with him again.

  • Everybody covered what happened in Craster's keep so I think I'll call it a day. I'm glad the place went up in flames and I hope Craster's wife are going to build themselves a nice little farm south of the wall where they'll be safe and warm and live happily ever aft....yeah, I know, never gonna happen on account of the MRoAM (Martin Rule of Abject Misery for those of you who haven't followed).

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