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... OMG everyone loves Game of Thrones and they should! Season 4 debuted last night and I reviewed it here with all types of complimentary verbiage, but the news today is that the first hour of Season 4 was the most-watched episode of an HBO program since the 2007 series finale of The Sopranos (11.9 million viewers tuned in for that cut to black). About 6.6 million viewers watched "Two Swords," a 50-percent increase over the numbers for last year's Season 3 premiere, making it the biggest audience for Game of Thrones to date. Leading out of Game of Thrones was the series premiere of Mike Judge's new comedy Silicon Valley, which drew an audience of almost 2 million. If you didn't catch it last night, you should drop what you're doing (unless you're holding a baby) and watch it right now because it's awesome and it's free on YouTube. Finally, Veep's Season 3 premiere, which Cory reviewed, drew 955,000 viewers after Silicon Valley. [Variety


... Netflix has announced the Season 2 premiere date for Derek, Ricky Gervais's comedy about a man who works in a retirement home. The six-episode second season will begin streaming on Netflix as soon as the calendar hits Friday, May 30. In the U.K., the series will air on Channel 4 starting Wednesday, April 23. [Netflix via press release]

... Fox has ordered the game show Boom! (don't forget the tone-setting exclamation mark!) to series, I'm guessing to fill out its summer of "fun." The show is based on an Israeli format, as so many new shows are these days, and features contestants "defusing" "bombs" by partaking in trivia. Multiple-choice answers will be tied to various wires coming out of bombs, and players will cut the wire that corresponds to what they think is the correct answer. Cut the correct wire and the cash prize increases and it's on to the next bomb, cut the wrong wire and everyone dies. Or maybe the contestant just loses his chance at the pot, Fox is still tinkering with the show. [Fox via press release]

... Barbara Walters will make her final scheduled television appearance on Friday, May 16, when she says goodbye to her job as co-host of ABC's The View. To celebrate the television personality, The View will honor Walters during her final week and ABC will air a two-hour special recounting Walters' career from 9pm to 11pm on May 16. [ABC via press release]

... Only celebrities can save us from baking to death on our increasingly warming rock! Showtime's documentary series The Years of Living Dangerously follows stars as they hear first-person accounts of the alleged damage the Earth is experiencing due to climate change (if the Earth really is getting warmer, then why are my feet so cold, EH SCIENTISTS?). And now you can watch the first episode for free on YouTube, Showtime On Demand, and Showtime Anytime (the network's version of HBO GO). [Showtime via press release]

... Food Network has renewed Beat Bobby Flay for a 26-episode second season. Unfortunately, the title is slightly deceiving and it's actually a cooking show. [Variety]

... The Americans is well known for its authentic, kick-ass '80s soundtrack, but the FX series is ready to try something a little more contemporary. Sort of. The Who's Pete Townshend has composed an original song called "It Must Be Done" for the April 30 episode of the spy drama. [FX via press release]


... Samuel L. Jackson will be back on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. before the end of this season. Just barely before the end of the season! Jackson, who played S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury in the Marvel movies, will reprise his role in the season finale. Details of his appearance aren't available, because Marvel kills secret-spillers. [Vulture]

... The pink Power Ranger is getting involved in some Covert Affairs. Amy Jo Johnson (Flashpoint) will join USA's Covert Affairs on a recurring basis for the spy drama's fifth season, which will air this summer. Johnson will play Hayley, an investigator with the National Counter Terrorism Center who gets tangled up with Auggie. [USA via press release]   

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