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Hey guys... VINE-TER IS COMING! I've been waiting forever to use that one! And it so wasn't worth it, I apologize. But hey, it's HBO's fault for promoting Season 4 of Game of Thrones with a series of clips on Vine, the Twitter-y video service that's sorta catching on. Yep, social media has finally come to Westeros.

As previously announced, the first full trailer for the fourth season of HBO's awesome epic will debut this Sunday at 8:58pm before the series premiere of True Detective (which is also awesome, come back Sunday for my review!). We'll post the full Game of Thrones trailer on TV.com Sunday night. However, since we Game of Thrones fans aren't into waiting, HBO has released five sneak peek Vine videos frome the trailer to whet our insatiable appetites. They may not be much, but there's one that will be of particular interest to anyone who's read the books. Have a look!

There's Jon Snow! And some Wildlings! And some swords! '

Dany, girl, where did you get that dope dress, and does it come in a men's XL? 

Nice day for a horseback ride. Terrible day to not be on a horseback ride.

Looks like Tyrion has pissed off his nephew again.

No spoilers here, but OMG this is THE scene that I've been dying to see. SAY HER NAME!

That's all for now, and I can officially say that I have seen a Vine. Game of Thrones Season 4 premieres April 6 on HBO.

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