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... Oh, the Game of Thrones theme played on wine glasses, a water jug, and some pans? Why not? [CNET]


... USA has placed a cast-contingent pilot order for the drama Stanistan, about the staff of an American compound in the Middle Eastern country of Stanistan. The network also put a few new projects into development, and I've handpicked the most interesting ones to tell you about! Colony features an alien invasion and a human resistance, and I'll watch any pilot about aliens, it's my weakness (along with Ryan Gosling). Control dives into the tense world of air-traffic controllers, and I've never seen a show about air-traffic controllers before, so I'll watch that. None of the comedies seem all that interesting, except for maybe Royal, about a defected Hell's Angel who moves to the suburbs (ugh, I know). [USA via press release]

... A&E has ordered a quartet of reality shows, so, uhhh, here we go, I guess. Dogs of War (fall 2014) follows a married couple who started a charitable organization that matches dogs with war vets. Godfather of Pittsburgh (fall 2014) puts cameras on Vince Isolde, an Italian-American who owns an empire of nightclubs and restaurants in Steel City, and his family, who rely on him for their livelihood. Love Prison, yes, Love Prison (this summer) throws couples who have met online but not in real life into a special cabin together for a week and watches the sparks and/or blood fly. Lone Star Lady (this summer) centers on a Texas woman who struck it rich in the oil business and has to make sure her kids don't get spoiled by their newfound wealth. UGH. Just go back to more Those Who Kill, A&E. [A&E via press release]

... Showtime is moving Years of Living Dangerously to Monday nights starting May 12 at 8pm. The docu-series celebrities examining the climate crisis and personally putting leg warmers on penguins. [Showtime via press release]

... Lifetime is adapting the Anita Diamant novel The Red Tent into a two-part miniseries for television. The series is an expanded look at Dinah, a biblical character who's the daughter of Leah and Jacob and the sister of Joseph, as she grows up and experiences love and loss. And check out this cast! The White Queen's Rebecca Ferguson will play Dinah, and Morena Baccarin, Minnie Driver, and Debra Winger will also star. The project doesn't have a date yet. [THR]


... Damian Lewis has found his follow up to Homeland, and he'll go from treasonous terrorist who murders people in the woods and takes car-wash showers to belligerent king who murders people with guillotines and doesn't shower at all. Or maybe not, my history is foggy at best. Lewis will play King Henry VIII in PBS's six-part miniseries Wolf Hall. The series, based on Hilary Mantel's novels, follows the rise of Thomas Cromwell from a nobody to one of the king's most trusted advisors. Look for it in 2015. Okay, so it's not the next big cable drama, but at least Lewis is back on TVs. [THR]

... American Idol is keeping the band together, probably! Current judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr. are all expected to return for Season 14, which Fox announced yesterday. Way to earn a return gig after series-low ratings, guys! [TV Guide]

... Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul has added three new cast members, and not one of them is Huell! Patrick Fabian (Big Love) will play a lawyer named Burt, Rhea Seehorn (Franklin & Bash) will play an attorney named Beth, and Michael Mando (Orphan Black) will play a criminal named Eddie. [Deadline]


... This look at what "cord-cutters" are watching is interesting, and the shows aren't what you'd expect. [Ad Age]

... Ever wonder why TV bloggers and critics don't write that much about NCIS, one of the most-watched shows out there, but gush about a barely viewed niche program like Girls? This guy breaks it down. [Atlantic]

... When a show gets canceled and a showrunner writes a blog post about it, it's usually gold. Justin Halpern discussing the cancelation of Surviving Jack is no different. [Justin Halpern's Tumblr]


... The CW made its new series pickups for the fall season; did Jane the Virgin make it? (Yes, it did!)

... The CW also announced three renewals and three cancellations. Did Beauty and the Beast survive? (Not telling, you gotta click to find out.)

... We've also spent 20,000 man hours and 10,000 half-man hours collecting info on what's been renewed and canceled and putting it into this filterable chart so you don't have to search through all your notes. 

... NBC picked up Constantine to series! 

... NBC also picked up a cop dramedy starring Debra Messing and a rom-com starring How I Met Your Mother's Cristin Milioti.

... The CW didn't pick up Supernatural: Bloodlines!

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this is why i hate to get in to a show i hope yall dont take the zombie one away to afther one season an people get in to it to dum i think is the prob.
omg yall even took off surving jack thats f**ked up why an star crossed yall just dont no what people like yall think u do but u dont yall dont give these shows a chance an that is messed up the problem is that yall dont advertise them enough an most people dont even no about them yet god yall realy need some new people in there bc yall are crazy take off all the good stuff for shows like comic book men thar show is is just stupied i mean come on get with the new age an bring back star crossed an surviving jack thats great shows
So.up set i love star crossed an i just cant stand when. yall take good shows off i feel like i am gonna freak out yall just left all of us hanging with the last episode u no if u left it on for another season im sure your ratings will go up that show is the best please dont take it away give it another shot play the reruns an sdee atleast please dont take it away...
All I need is Hannibal season 3 confirmation. Please NBC!!!
Are we sure that Stanistan isn't a spin off of American Dad! because it sounds very similar to the 'Stan of Arabia' double episode.

Don't bother reading the article on why TV critics don't review NCIS, it's a total mess. The author starts off merely illustrating how popular some shows are, then explains what one the most superficial differences between premium cable and broadcast TV is, then tries to justify the article being a mess by writing even more mess about how the most reviewed broadcast shows aren't the most popular with viewers.

Reading between the lines the actual point of the article seems to be that reviewers go for the most daring, critically acclaimed shows instead of the most popular. But even that seems like an unsubstantiated gross generalisation. If only he had actually researched that point the article would have some use.

Kudos to the Game of Thrones guy I guess, although some of the note choices were strange to say the least.
SHIELD is renewed!

Is that guy from the video a frustrated cook turned musician or a frustrated musician turned cook? LOL

Yay, more Damian Lewis! :-)

I think Royal may have to change it's name if it gets picked up. and the 'stan' country almost always sound made up on TV and stanistan has to the most fake sounding, obviously.

Surviving Jack being canceled really is hitting me pretty hard.
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