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There's only one way to treat Game of Thrones withdrawal (we're still over seven months away from Season 4 UGH) and that's with MORE GAME OF THRONES! HBO wants you to buy the box set of the recently concluded third season (which looks awesome, by the way), so to tug on your wallet, the network has released a deleted scene. Comic-Con attendees who were present at the Game of Thrones panel this year already saw it, but even they will want to give this great three-minute scene a second look.

Couple things to note while we're notin' things: That sneaky Maester Pycelle is still trying to front like he's haggard. But apparently his ruse didn't die with Ros (remember when he jumped into some plyometrics after a romp in the sack with her in Season... 1? Or was it 2?), and only the eagle-eyed Tywin has caught on. This is yet another symbolic scene in which Tywin crushes his rival houses with some hunting for sport. We've seen Tywin gut a stag while he was muscling out House Baratheon, and here he is plucking fish from the ocean's bounty; depending on whether this scene took place before the Red Wedding, it might've signaled his plan to take Catelyn of House Tully (spirit animal: the trout) out of the running. 

HBO has not yet set a premiere date for Game of Thrones Season 4, but you can relive all the blood and tears when the Season 3 DVD (eventually) hits shelves on February 18, 2014.

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