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And here I thought Joffrey was cruel with Robert's bastard babies. However, the show has finally done it: it showed exactly what becomes of Craster's babies once they are "offered to the Gods."

It's something that was never on the books, so that horrible image will problably haunt me forever. And most likely would give a whole new meaning to Daenerys campaign to free the slaves, if we are to consider those poor babies as slaves.

It's worth notice this means the White Walkers, much like The Night's Watch, are indeed a brotherhood, all males given up by their father.

That, unlike the Night's Watch, they started out as innocents. Neither killers nor thieves, but newborns that would kill, steal and reap while the rest of the world remains oblivious to its imminent destruction.

But most important, The White Walkers started out as men and, as we know it, all men must die. Valar Morghullis.


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