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I figure we've all had those moments, moments I wanted to yell "The White Walkers are coming!" to Tywin & Joffrey or "Don't crash that wedding!" to Arya & the Hound. Moments where Jaime Lannister seemed to listen to me and ran back to save Brienne, or Daenerys broke havoc upon the slaveholders just like I knew she could.

Of course there are moments I've come to regreat: Forgive me Theon, I didn't know what Ramsay was going to do when I wish you to pay. And Brienne, I only wished for a straight guy to notice you back, never in my wildest dreams thought that man would be The Kingslayer.

So I got this idea from the latest Politics of Power recap of season 3 (that gave a 25 minutes look back to the story)...

...and The Game of Thrones Cast Gives Advice to Their Characters vid by Vanity Fair.

Because I figured we've all had those moments where we wanted to yell the best piece of advice we came up with under the circumstances, whether the characters would listen or not.

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