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When episode 3 happened and there was all that noise about the rapey scene, one important comment about it caught my eye: George Martin's. Among other things, he says that the show changed the story timeline, so when Jaime and Cersei had sex in the books things were different; in the TV show Jaime was in King's Landing for some time now, days, maybe weeks.

Well, Jaime didn't get there alone, right? Lady Brienne was with him.

And what I'm about to complain may not have changed the course of the story, but it is SO out of character for her, that makes me really mad.

Being Brienne such a loyal and honorable person, having made an oath to Catelyn Stark, promising to return her daughters to her, WHY, FOR GOD'S SAKE, BRIENNE DIDN'T SEEK SANSA AT ALL IN KING'S LANDING? She and Sansa Stark shared the same breathing space, but she never thought of talking to her?

We have some scenes of little consequence of Briene, Margaery and Ollena Tyrel, or Brienne and catty Cersei, but she never even glanced to Sansa. But then, when Sansa is missing, she has a oath to keep and the girl is important again? Of course Sansa was meant to go with Littlefinger, but Brienne should had at least a meaningful conversation with the girl, asked about Arya, made escaping plans, anything!

What do you think about it?
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