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The 66th Emmy Awards aired monday night providing great backstage material!

Relationship issues

Courtesy of AfterBuzzTV, this interview features the single 2 most awesome commoners ever dumped by a fan favorite, Rose Leslie and Sibel Kekilli dish on their characters's relationship issues, life after Game of Thrones and diehard fans.

Jon Snow, Tyrion: your loss.

The Purity of Jaime & Brienne

A TV Line interview in which Nikolaj Coster-Waldau adresses what is it about Jaime & Brienne that the fans love so much, he also dishes about the relationship with Cercei and makes me wonder what it would feel like to date a jedi (even is there's still zero information on whether Gwendoline Christie is playing a jedi or not).

GRR Martin at the Emmys

Believe it or not, there're people actually paying him for killing even more characters in a horrible way. Also from AfterBuzzTV.

Type Them Faster!

In what is perhaps my favorite spoof of all times, the lyrics advice not to get attached to anyone, always have a back-up and to type faster George!

Not Now Joffrey

Andy Samberg makes me miss Joffrey all over again next to Emmy presenter Lena Headey.

Which was your favorite part? Are you still mad Breaking Bad got all the Emmys? Should George type them faster? And, seriously, how it would be like to date a jedi? Hit the comments or cast your vote below.


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