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After the rules of my own Valentine's Day Friday poll disqualified every kiss from this show, I thought Game of Thrones deserved a poll of its own.

The trouble was to come up with some examples. Given the nature of Love According to Game of Thrones, the most glaring examples of romantic love prefer to jump into a bear pit or stare at each other's abs rather than to share a kiss at the Harrenhal courtyard. Ironic how the most romantic spot of Westeros happens to be this infamous ruin as well.

So I put my mind to it and came out with, what I believe, must have been the most romantic kisses ever featured in Game of Thrones; either because the couple fell in love after they got married or because they chose to do so regradless if they were married.

Catelyn and Ned Stark (King's Landing, season 1)
After 5 children and a bastard son, this married couple still had it in them to share a secret rendezvous outside Petyr's brothel. As unsuitable as Ned felt for Catelyn Stark, the audience was able to see how hopelessly in love he was and why he won her over as she held him in her arms.

Daenerys and Drogo (It's a boy, season 1)
As difficult as her wedding and honeymoon was, at least Daenerys was emotionally involved with her husband by the time they were expecting their first child. And, judging by that tender kiss he bestowed upon her, he was just as involved with her too.

Cersei and Jaime (I'll kill them all until you and I are the only people left in this world, season 1)
As detrimental as their relationship has been, the audience couldn't deny theirs was the passionate and impulsive feeling you only get from your first love. It didn't matter that she was married, it didn't matter he was a grown man, it didn't even matter they were blood related siblings. They were adamant not to stop, until life stopped it for them.

Robb and Talisa (I hope it was a beautiful bridge, season 2)
She was the kind of independent woman that wouldn't give up a career only to get married, he was the already engaged man that gave up a strategic alliance to be with her. By the time they kissed, you just knew they were in trouble and you just knew they didn't care.

Loras and Renly (Jealous? Of Brienne the Beauty?!, season 2)
In a world with no domestic partnership, the actual Tyrell-Baratheon couple struggles to balance public humiliation, their political agenda and Brienne's crush on Renly though a kissing scene that combines true love, daily routine and the same commitment as any other couple in Game of Thrones.

Shae and Tyrion (I'm yours and you're mine, season 2)
She was supposed to be a whore that he rented to spite his Dad, but he was running up those stairs like only a man would run for his bride. Shae repeated words that would later be revealed as standard wedding wows, and Tyrion assumed the reality that feelings happen.

Melisandre and Stannis (I would never abandon you, season 3)
Okay, I've never got the sense the feeling was mutual, but Melisandre did get Stannis to act like a lovesick boy - rather than the stern conqueror that he was - as they say Goodbye from the beach. And that deserves recognition.

Jon and Ygritte (Kissing on top of the Wall, season 3)
And thus Jon fell in love with the enemy by breaking up his vows to The Night's Watch, all the while knowing that he would only break his vows to her, the moment he would honor his vows to The Halfhand.

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