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This season had a lot of good things going on: for some it may be Tyrion's trial, for some the epic battle between Brienne & The Hound, for some the other epic battle to take over The Wall. I decided to choose my own top 7, whether they are intimate, epic, bittersweet, etc., they are all favorite moments, the most unforgettable for me, moments that I wanted to pay an homage to.

1) The Baby Walkers

I knew what they were doing to the babies was wrong, but not even in my wildest dreams I thought it would be that wrong. After all, feeding an army filled with zombies must have been tough, so I've always assumed Craster's sons were given to fed the dead. Nothing could've prepared me for the tender way which a White Walker held the last of Craster's children, the connection the infant seemed to feel towards him, the peaceful road to what would turn out to be a giant nursery in which Baby Walkers were made.

Looking back, it should have made sense: the drawings made with pieces of dead people, why The Night's Watch vows state to father no children, the silent yelling from infants that were robbed of their childhood.

2) Arya and The Hound

A bittersweet journey in which The Hound taught Arya to recognize weakness, within herself and others, that dead men don't need silver, where is that a man's heart truly is. His lessons were honest rather than cruel, her response was raw rather than sentimental and, in the course of the season, what started out as 2 people pretending to be father and daughter, ended up with the only daughter this father could raise.

It was heartbreking because, by the time they encounter Brienne, The Hound is really the only one I see fit to watch over Arya. It was tragic because, by the time he asks to die, Arya no longer wants to kill him. And so, Arya leaves the last man she allowed to save her, for he had toughen her up and she didn't need saving anymore. And The Hound saw the last child he ever shielded part ways, for dead men don't need silver anymore.

3) The Lannister Brothers

Jaime has always been the Meredith Grey for King's Landing Seattle Grace: all he ever wanted has been for Cersei to pick him, choose him and love him. So, imagine my surprise when Season 4 was all about the Lannister boys and their bond as brothers.

Tragic at times, funny at others, it was a bond that revealed so many things about the characters starting by the reason Tyrion endured Joffrey: because he was Jaime's son. To save Tyrion's life, the only reason Jaime would give up the Kingsguard and take a wife, just like father always wanted to.

It was only fitting that Jaime would see to Pod's safety, much like Tyrion see to Jaime's when he set up Bronn to train with him. The brothers couldn't even tell it was goodbye in the middle of their escape plan. Their last hugg a glimpse at what must have been their childhood.

4) The Biggest Fire The North Has Ever Seen.

I knew I din't want Sam to die, but I didn't want Tormund to get killed either. I knew I mourned for Pyp, but I didn't wish for Ygritte's death because of it. I knew Grenn was as good as dead when I saw that giant, but there was something so heroic when he recited his vows I dared to hope otherwise. I knew I didn't like Ser Allister, but I couldn't help myself to cheer for him as loud as I cried for Ygritte, for Grenn, for Pyp and so many others that died on both sides of this battle.

5) The Viper and The Mountain

No character since Renly Baratheon won me over as fast as Prince Oberyn: he was confident, sexy, a great father and didn't discriminate anyone from his bastard daughters to the baby imp he met as a kid. It's odd to find such a noble person among, well, the noble persons, yet Oberyn was larger than life and just as unforgettable.

I wasn't prepared to like this Mountain, by the time Qyburn said the process would make him different I tought "What else is new?!", yet the third incarnation of the character was the right brand of monstrous and a perfect match for Oberyn Martell. Their scene was epic, tainted by the personal tragedy of a brother that still mourned his sister, and the tension from what would happen should the Mountain win. And the Mountain did win, but the Viper laughed last.

6) Creepy, creepy Margaery

Margaery is one of the most accomplished characters of her world. In this day and age, she would be a diplomat, a chieff of staff, a vicepresident! In Westeros? She has to settle for Queen (how unfair is that!). To become the Queen she has had to marry her brother's boyfriend, a sociopath product of incest and, now, a pubescent boy.

With the same skill Margaery embraced Brienne and fed the poor of King's Landing, she made the best out of the situation offering Tommen a confidant, a friend, and a partner the sweet kid readily embraced.

7) The Bolton Family

From Ramsay's brand new mother to Locke's "warm" stories maiming the Kingslayer, from Myranda the psycho to one broken Theon, the Bolton have stolen the show this season.

On one hand, Bolton did what no other noble has done and gave Ramsay his name, on the other, he did so after Ramsay tortured and flayed some more iron borns. One one hand, Ramsay seems to enjoy how broken Reek is, on the other hand, Theon is the only creature Ramsay treats with something that resembles actual love.

So there you have it, my Top Seven. Do agree or disagree? Which moment you'll remember forever, which one you will regreat the most? Which are your Top 7 of Season 4?


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