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In fantasy, the good guys are all about the ultimate victory and you can tell who they are because, regardless the odds, they always defeat the enemy. However, Game of Thrones is all about the small victories that real life has taught adults to accept.

Daenerys gets to be a mother, but not for the baby she gave birth to.
Its a theme that resonates with so many men and women that can't have children, as it does for the many that can, but relate to the pain. As young as Daenerys was when she lost her child, she embraced motherhood the only way she could, turning a small victory from total defeat.

Jaime gets to have true love, even if he can't see it.
It's an odd thing to accept from a male character, that he only wishes for someone love him back. Like so many female leads, however, he can't see true love no matter how many bear pits he jumps in, but he finally gets to have it, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, because of everything he is and everything he owns, with someone that endured the worse with him and is learning to embrace the better. Brienne in itself is a victory, big or small depends on whether or not Jaime could see it.

Tyrion gets to have respect, even if it doesn't come from his father.
Pod saved him because he looks up to him, Shae would kill for him, because of it, Varys would bribe for him and I suspect Bronn would be friends with even if he wouldn'tt get paid. So far, Tyrion has been able to unite the tribesmen of the Vale, the soldiers at Blackwater, even a few politicians to his cause. A second son that worths a first, and has won over people as different as bastars like Jon Snow to Princes like Oberyn Martell.

Arya gets to have a family, even if it's not her own
Lommy may have been an orphan, but Arya loved him like a brother and like a brother she avenged him, Hot Pie may not have been a high born, but he was good enough for her and like a sister Arya bid farewell to him. The Hound may not be a father, but its as good as it gets for Arya to hug him when she's sad, to look up to him when she's free and to emulate when he started to kill.

For someone that never gets to go home, Arya has a way to make one for herself among the outcasts of the Realm.

The Night's Watch remains the shield that guards the realm, even if there's no one
to protect them.
The last line of defense keeps being fed by baby murderers (Janos Slynt), sadists (Ser Alister) and old men (Maester Aemon), but those men are standing there to fight until they are as dead as Yoren, Lord Commander Mormont and Benjen Stark. They go bak to their posts like Jon and Sam, they train in the snow like the new recruits and there's no doubt in my mind The White Walkers will cross over their dead bodies

Those little things that we call small victories do fulfill them, even if they aren't the ultimate victory we have come from expect from the good guys. So, So you call that a victory? Can you think of another? Which are your favorite small victories from Game of Thrones?


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