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Sunday 9:00 PM on HBO (Returning Spring 2015)

It's that time of year! Week after week, Game of Thrones trailers have been released each one bigger and better than the other. Trailer # 1 features Joffrey statement in contrast with Daenerys actually winning the war. Which choice would prevail? To live in her new world or to die in their old? Have they actually come to the wrong place for justice? Is Melisandre wrong???

Trailer #2: Vengance. It features Arya's favorite prayer as she introduces the characters to their upcomign plots: Jaime holds a sword with his left hand as wildlings and Night's Watch prepare for an impending battle with Stannis monologue in the background (stating he will not be the page in someone else's history book). Jaime, Oberyn, Brienne and Theon look as if towards an uncertain future and Bran appears!

Trailer #3: Secrets. It shows King Joffrey holding a sword as his favorite aunt and uncle share the table. Ramsay and his daddy are featured, so are Bronn and Davos Seaworth. Has the world fallen apart? Is it better to answer injustice with mercy or with justice? Will Tyrion disappoint father? Share your speculations and rank the best Game of Thrones trailer so far!

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