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It hit me somewhere along the comments of On Pins and Needle, that Jaime Lannister's dyslexia manifests itself through his personal relationships, as well as his impairment to read fancy words.

The idea of a character that mixed up the notion of wife & sister growing up sounds as fascinating to me as the idea of a character that mixed up the written words. Jaime seems unique, not only because reading is a priviledge of high borns, but because, even among them, his siblings are privileged, which only points out Jaime's disability as something his House couldn't settle for.

As a child, Jaime was forced to read for hours before he could ride or use a sword. In his own words, he hated his father for it, but obeyed him anyway for he had already mixed up the notion of father & commander in his mind.

Thus Jaime must have learned in a similar way as modern day kids do. Whatever system he used to understand the words, however, Jaime didn't apply to his personal life, so his idea of male bonding - with Loras, Qyburn or Ned Stark - was as mixed up as his idea of wife and sister, or his idea of commander & father for he simply couldn't understand Karstark's feelings at the loss of his 2 soldiers sons.

It would take Brienne of Tarth for Jaime to re-arrange his personal relationships as if the letters of a book. By reading Brienne as well as he reads himself, Jaime figured out what she had with Renly wasn't that different than what he had with Cersei. By reading Brienne's code of honor, Jaime figured out she wasn't as different as Jaime himself.


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