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This series has its fair share of killers, torturers, rapists and kinslayers. Some of these are fan favorites... Like The Hound and Jaqen H'ghar... Some of them are universally hated... Like Joffrey... Some of them haven't been on-screen long enough for the audience to hate them like they deserve to be hated... Like Ramsay Snow and the Mountain.

I figured I'd make a list of my favorite killers in Westeros and Essos. This should be a fairly spoiler-free post and if I spoil something from the books, it's only going to spoil something about the personality of the character. Nothing about the story or the Game.

Here I go... My list... Starting from the one I think is the most repulsive and horrible person in the whole series.

  1. Ramsay Snow

    So this is the one that I don't want to spoil at all but I feel like I have to tell something to "justify" him being my favorite "love-to-hate" guy.

    So Personality Spoilers!!! ahead!

    Ramsay Snow. Bastard of Bolton. Bastard of Dreadfort. That "great" guy who's giving Theon what he deserves! Whatever you call him, you can't say he's not a sadistic little psychopath. He's one of the only characters that has absolutely no redeeming qualities. He enjoys flaying people alive and his hobbies include: freeing a woman from her cell, giving her a proper headstart and then hunting her down. If the woman is "lucky" and provides a proper chase, this guy might name a bloodhound after her! Though she still dies... In agony... Losing her skin little by little. Not a guy you'd want to meet in real life... Or in your nightmares... Even his father thinks that there's something wrong with him... And his father orchestrated an event that left the whole northern army slaughtered.

    Spoilers end here :)

    Only "redeeming quality" is the fact that he doesn't cut your fingers all willy-nilly, he just flays them to the point where you beg him to cut them off... So he's really doing you a favor. Stockholm Syndrome FTW!

  2. Joffrey Baratheon

    Spoiled little brat. Who happens to be the king and gets what he wants all the time. I've always thought of him as the product of Robert and Cersei. His father might be Jaime but the man who raised him was a man who missed the war and loved killing. His mother constantly tells him that everything is his to take and his to control... He is a major douche but I understand why he has some of these features.

    Reasons for him being on the second place are simple. He gave the order to decapitate Ned Stark. He keeps insulting Tyrion. He was seriously attempting to serve Robb's head to Sansa. Come on...

    In the books Joffrey never killed anyone in the similiar manner as he killed Ros in the series. The books feature him shooting some beggars with a crossbow, but it wasn't as personal as the killing of Ros seemed to be.

    Just his general crappy attitude towards the Starks and Tyrion is enough to make him a despicable character but because he graduated to murder in season 3... I feel like he's earned his place here. Although I admit that there are a lot of more "succesful" killers in the show.
    He's ranked this high mostly because I LOVE Jack Gleeson's portrayal of Joffrey. It's a pure joy to see Joffrey on screen.

  3. Arya Stark

    This was a hard one. I figured I'd put Gregor Glegane here but even though he does heinous acts he still is a bit too much of a side character... So... Why is Arya on the same list as Joffrey and Ramsay? I'm getting to it in a moment.

    Arya has always been in the top five characters for me. I hated Sansa for a good while when reading the books and now she is in my top 2. Someone might wonder why I like Sansa more than I like Arya when Arya has managed to stay as a favorite during every book. It's simple. I believe in character development. Just because Sansa was an idiot and basically a teen girl in the first book/season is not good enough of a reason for me to disregard her story, POV and development in the later seasons/books. It's idiotic in a series that has dynamic characters (Though Ramsay might not actually "evolve" at all... Sadists rarely get "cured").
    I think viewers/readers opinions should change as the story goes forward.

    Back to why Arya is in this list. The other two characters on this list are those easy-to-hate kind of characters but Arya is a hate-to-love kind of character to me.. Well.. Only her homicidal tendencies fall to the category of hating-to-love but still... It seems that her character development is taking her to a very un-Stark direction. Which is good... Survival wise... However...The things that Arya has experienced is capable of making her a socio/psychopath in-progress which is less than ideal for me. I might be a bit too sentimental for this show after all.


This was meant to have five characters but I started to wrestle with the List tool and stuff so... I don't have the energy to write reasons for the remaining two characters.

4. Jaime Lannister

5. Khal Drogo
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