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After the awesome Crow of Swords Poster put the Three Eyed Raven front and center - and brought the slightly less obvious Night's Watch = Crows reference to mind - promotional posters only keep me wanting for more. So I figure it could be fun to rank the Most Badass Character of next season based on nothing but the promotional posters released so far.

Here are the candidates:

1) Arya and The Hound (The Canines)
The Most Unlikely Dynamic Duo of Westeros, these two not only have contempt for The Brotherhood and the Lannisters in common; their survival instinct makes them a unique pair fit to survive a war zone, and their struggle makes them uniquely prepared to begin to understand - and, perhaps, rely on - one another.

2) Brienne and Jaime (The Kingsguards)
The Kingsguard that made a man out of Jaime and the Kingsguard that brought out the maid in Brienne. These two are the wildcards of King's Landing: Will they go back to serve Renly's wife and Joffrey's mother respectively? Will they stay a common front and fullfil their promise to return the Stark girls to Lady Catelyn any Stark that's still alive? Will they be each other's date to Joffrey's wedding or the last stand that will finally break them apart?

3) The wildlings
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...or an army of former friends looking to get even after they take over the Wall. In case you have forgotten, the wildings are coming and they want Jon's head as much as they want to defeat the crows (a.k.a. The Night's Watch).

4) Jon Snow
The only Badass left on the Wall after his sworn brothers killed his Lord Commander, this season Jon must recover from his injures, single handle organize the defense of the Wall, defeat his ex girlfriend's army and...has anyone even told him his brother and stepmother were murdered at a wedding?

5) The Exiled Team
Don't let their condition fool you, so far they have recruited Ser Barristan Selmy, a former Second Sons's Lt. and an army of 208.004 former slaves and counting. At this rate, the wildlings are not the only thing Westeros is going to have to worry about.

6) The Queens
Don't let their sweet faces fool you, these ladies are cunning, resilient and fiercely loyal to their family. Problem is: they don't come from the same family. Will the upcoming wedding unite them or has Cersei underestimated Margaery all along? Will the bride strangle her mother-in-law in her sleep? Has Cersei finally found her match???

7) The Newlyweds
The only thing more cruel than the world trying to break two people apart is to watch two people that belong together trying to break themselves apart. The frustrating struggle between the only sympathetic Lannister that befriended Bran & Jon Snow, and the only Stark that could manouver her way into the royal family if only she would rely on her husband has just began.

8) The Lannisters
The King and the actual ruler of Westeros showdown has just began and, if last season is any hint, their scenes together will be as ruthless as they will be satisfying. Here's to more slapping and sending Joffrey to bed without dinner!.

9) Other
Honorary mentions go to Oberyn, if only because his poster actually makes him look Badass, and the Wicked Witch of Westeros, for the Lady Melisandre always looks scary to me.

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