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There was a time I would've felt righteous indignation at the thought of Jaime holding even half of Ned Stark's sword, but that time was gone long before looking into Brienne's eyes was the means to measure his honesty.

However, it was The Rose and The Beast what caught my attention, two women so different and mythical as the tale in which their story found its inspiration; thus the first petal falls as Brienne tells Margaery she will avenge Renly, for both are cursed to spend their lives with Joffrey as the King.

As Jon joins the Night's Watch, so the Thenn join the wildlings. And if you ever wonder where did the myth of creatures that feast on the living comes from, look no further than the Thenn cuisine.

Its a different kind of myth what shapes the encounter between Tyrion & Oberyn, two second sons with so much in common aside their love for a commoner: they both pay their debts. Not to mention, they both hate Tywin.

But if I were to pick my favorite myth, that would be of The Hound and his pup and the day Arya avenged Lommy's death as swiftly as Daenerys is planning to avenge the death of every child on her way to Mereen.

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