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I was going to write only 5, but In the Light of the Seven I figured a Stranger like this deserved better, so here's my spoiler free reasons why Arya should be The Best Kid Character of 2013.

7) She could be your family
It is hard not to relate to Arya during that awkward stage in which you're neither a child nor a teenager, no longer a boy's best friend yet not quite his girlfriend either, know better than to trust adults yet not quite to dismiss them as authority figures; Arya sounds exactly like the kid sister you grew up with, the awesome friend that always came up with a plan at school, or the daughter you actually got (instead of the one you wished for).

6) She brings out the softer side of Tywin
You know that Tywin who loved dragon stories? The Tywin that taught his son how to read? The Tywin that remembers his daughter fondly or knows how to encourage the underdogs, even if his men are doing the damage for him? Well, his children never knew that Tywin either. You know why? Because that Tywin only showed up whenever Arya was around. She brought out a side of him no one has been able to bring out this season (and I miss it).

5) Burn in Hell!
Arya could stand up to R'hllor himself if she must to, but The Brotherhood chose Beric for champion and The Hound was spared where Micah was killed. At this point, Arya didn't care much about honor, she never cared about gold and couldn't care less about their Red God, but she used to believe in Westeros's justice system and the system failed her, just as it could've failed her in modern days.

4) Valar Morghulis

The Red God demands it, Jaqen once said. And Arya wasn't afraid to bargain with Jaqen's life for her escape, to stand up to Thoros because of her fate and to fight Melisandre for Gendry all by herself. The Red Priests and Priestess have stared at her since Arya saved Jaqen from the flames, and this orphan girl has stared right back at them.

3) Far away, so close

Every time Arya makes it back home a Stark dies, so far she has seen her father beheaded, her household slaughtered and Stark bannermen killed left & right, but nothing ever prepared her for the screams of her mother just one door away, or her brother's direwolf final breath and the sight of her brother, her own big brother, being carried out as a trophy to fill her with nightmares all over again.

2) Not Today

Nightmares don't make a person and truma doesn't make a girl. As her dance master told her, Arya stares at Death and tells it “Not today”. As Yoren once taught her, Arya recites her list every night hoping that would bring her peace every morning. As Jaqen showed her, Arya doesn't let a face define her identity. Their examples are alive and well within her, Arya carries these men with her just as she carries Ned, Catelyn and Robb with her. As long as she's alive, part of them will keep on living.

1) Winter is Coming
Arya knows her words, she knows their meaning and she prepares for the winter just like her father told her. She hold on to every hurt, for every hurt is a lesson and every lesson makes you better in order to face the long winter ahead.

So, what are your Top 7 reasons to like her? What are your Top 5? Use this forum to share your thoughts about the character, or feel free to attack it if your perceive Arya as the most popular character on the show.
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