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It's one of my all times favorite show, the writing is impeccable, the storyline always re-invent itself and I can never tell when does the epic begin and the intimate tale of each character ends, but why do I believe Game of Thrones it's The Best Overall Series of 2013 in a season where Haven is winning, Breaking Bad had its series finale or Orphan Black had its breackthrough premiere?

7) Thoros of Myr and his Merry Men
A breath of fresh air amidst R'hllor fanatics, this army of commoners stole 2013 with their particular brand of humor, their own take on the high borns of Westeros and an odd tendency to lie to Ned Stark's daughter.

Very practical when it came to take decisions, they bargained with gold in order to feed the people; Anguy was as charming as he was proficient, Beric as tormented as he was loyal and Thoros a surprisingly better Priest than Melisandre herself. Quickly to sell out Gendry as they were to find a home for Hot Pie, they obeyed the Red God even if it freed The Hound.

6) Granny Tyrell and her great comedic timing
In a show as intense and gritty as this one there's almost no room for humor, which is why the Lady Olenna of House Tyrell was a welcomed change of pace from Ser Bronn of Blackwater. Her take on Margaery's newfound family tree was so hilarious it inspired a fan made rom-com trailer of its own.

And that's aside Tormund sex-ed lessons for first timers, Talisa scene telling Martyn Lannister when does exactly her husband turn into a werewolf or Hodor repeated hodoring before meeting Sam.

5) Dracarys!
Already a grieving widow and an exhiled Princess, this was the year Daenerys became a conqueror. After a unique spin on her love story - and her family history courtesy of Jaime Lannister - I was expecting a unique spin as a conqueror as well, and the show deliver it in her simple yet unfulfilled wish to become a mother.

Daenerys was never going to be Stannis, Ser Barristan and Jorah both agreed she wasn't her eldest brother either, but the girl that would never hold her baby in her arms got to be held by the thousands of people she never gave birth to, thus the Mother of Dragons embraced the responsibility and the joy to become Mother of the Realm.

4) The Ultimate Break-Up scene
Forget amateurs from teen shows or the will they-won't they scenarios, Jon Snow and Ygritte gave a whole new meaning to irreconcilable differences this year. Their break-up scene was gut-wrenching because the audience was complicit in how torn they were and the characters were complicit in keeping it a secret from Mance's army and the Night's Watch themselves.

Ygritte knew who Jon was and Jon knew Ygritte for who she was but, no matter how loyal they were to their feelings, he had to go back and she had to hunt him down for it, which left the viewers as distraught as the characters themselves.

3) Brienne fought a bear!
Long past the time she grieved for Renly, Brienne moved on almost without knowing it due to her pledge to Catelyn Stark. She tried her best to be guarded, but the Kinglsayer was able to read her better than he could read any book and her broken heart started healing as slowly as his severed hand did.

It was only ironic that, by the time she looked ready to live again, Locke's men threw her into a bear pit to die. I've never seen anything as brave as Brienne fighting that bear with a wooden sword, just as I've never seen a man fall for someone as visually as Jaime Lannister fell to share her fate.

2) Jaime does a 180°
I'll go on record to say that I hated him at his best: the brighter his hair, the more alluring he was, the more charming his speech the more I hated the character.

You've got to understand, it's something that never happens with the seductive "bad boy" type so I was proud of him in a way. And yet, I was never as proudest as when Jaime sit on a tub, without his sword hand, emotionally as naked as he was the day that he was born, to share this one genuine moment of honesty that re-defined the character forever.

And, because it had to be Brienne he shared it with and because it had to be 2013 - and, yes, because part of him still wishes for Ned's approval - is that Ser Jaime's inner journey made this the Best Overall Series of 2013.

1) The Red Wedding
I read the books so I knew what I was getting into, but the Blackfish's reaction to the spinsters attention, the look on Talisa's face upon the bedding ceremony, even the jolly good fellow that was Walder Frey & Lord Bolton right until the very moment the slaughter begins made me forget for a moment and that moment made me gasp and scream and cry as if for the first time.

I wasn't ready for Talisa, I wasn't ready to watch Catelyn Stark's eyes dim with grief as she losses her first born, I was just not ready. And that made for an unforgettable moment, not only for 2013 but for as long as I live.

So, which are your favorite moments of 2013, to quote Ser Jorah which ones you'll remember long after you forget your mother's face? Which are the ones that made you scream? Which are the ones you wish would've never happened?


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