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It's that time of year, more than half a season has gone by and its time to check on how far we've come. In this poll, the Best Dynamic Duos:

Tyrion and Jaime
The Lannister brothers, better than the Winchester brothers in each and every episode. They have offered some of their finest performances during Tyrion's trial proving the Starks are not the only brothers who fiercely love one another.

Brienne and Podrick
The virgin and the sex God, a woman and a child, the hero and her sidekick. There's a unique bond between knight and squire, and that bond is only enhanced when the knight is a honorable Lady and the squire a sweet yet effective warrior. They may not eat many rabbits, but they are already comedy gold.

Arya and The Hound
They say there's a unique bond between a child and his dog, and these two characters have proven it time and again. The panic in which he wakes up whenever he can't find her, the reluctant admiration she has for his skills, and an underlying father & child vibe sustains their very unique dynamic.

Daenerys and Missandei
To prove smart women do stick together, Princess and Former Slave girl have seemed to evolve together, even when it comes to the men they have a very complicated relationship with (Daario and Grey Worm respectively).

Ramsay and Reek
There's something so fundamentally damaged and so fundamentally sick about them it could only work in Westeros. Ramsay would give up anything to keep him, Reek would give up his sister to be with him. They no longer recognize their roles as torturer and victim, they are so broken themselves each is the only person the other would seek for affection.

Bran and Hodor
Not so sure how different they are to the former two, but the affection between them supercedes whatever pain is inflicted upon Hodor whenever Bran wargs into his body. So long as Bran is the brains and Hodor the muscle they remain true to their nature, and true to themsleves.

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