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Most of us have realized that Game of Thrones won't have the Disney fairytale ending. Dany won't ride into the sunset with Drogo and Catelyn won't get to realize that Bran and Rickon and Arya are alive. But I still think that people don't particularly want a depressing and crushing ending, no matter how well it fits to the story. I doubt there's anyone who could actually write a better ending for the characters George R.R. Martin has created than the man himself, but it's fun to dream. And this is my weird little dream, which I think many might share with me.
If I could choose how the show ended, I'd want the Starks together.

  • Sansa being stuck in King's Landing as a pawn for a year (I think) must've made her a bit more distrusting of other people and politically 'savvy'. Maybe not as savvy as the adults of the show but you know... Savvy for a 14yo... And at the minimum more than any other Stark. She isn't as opposed to marriage as Arya, so she could theoretically marry to gain an ally for the Starks.
  • Bran's superior 'skinchanging' abilities and green dreams would make him Winterfell's last and strongest defense. For example; a woman with three dragons comes to take 'what belongs to her, with fire and blood'. She brings three dragons. Bran skinchanges to one of those dragons and causes enough harm for said woman to realize that the North might be best to remain an independent kingdom.
  • I'm not sure how Arya would fit to this scenario. Arya obviously cares a lot for her family but as a female Stark, she might have to marry to form an alliance with another house and I don't see Arya doing that. Arya is more like a sandsnake (mild spoiler: Sand Snakes are the seven warrior daughters of Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand), she'd much rather roam the world with a few companions or something else.
  • Rickon would be groomed to be the next Lord of Winterfell/King in the North. Can't really think of anything else for him, being with his family would do some good for him.
All this... Because Starks have suffered enough and "There must always be a Stark in Winterfell". I don't really care which one the Starks it is.

I haven't really decided what I want for Essos, King's Landing or the remaining Westeros. My 'ideal' ending basically formed back when I heard that before the last book was called 'A Dream of Spring' , it was called 'A Time for Wolves'. I then proceeded to throw the word 'careful' out of the phrase 'carefully optimistic' and well.. That ”totally plausible and not at all unrealistic ending, considering every Stark thinks the others to be dead and are at different parts of Westeros” ending popped to my head.

What would be your ideal ending and why? Write it down in the comment section. Here a few rules, hints, random words:

  • Keep it short. If you notice that your 'ending' is reminding you of a 4000 word essay, write the ideal ending of your favorite character and only his/hers.
  • For book readers: try to keep your comments spoiler free. I had an ending for quite a few characters but left them out in fear of spoiling anything huge. It's surprisingly hard to pretend not knowing things.
If you think this is a silly and pointless topic, feel free to tell it to me using caps lock while reciting ”Yo momma” jokes. Like the civilized folk on Youtube!
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