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Aug 02, 2016
The GOT Party: Election Countdown is running
The http://thegotparty.com/ demands new choices in leadership, with an amazing video campaign it encourges the viewers to pick up the official Party candidate and his or her running mate during the month of August, results will be unveiled by September 1st, so cast your vote!

The Candidates Platforms are:

Daenerys Targaryen with Tyrion Lannister
- Freedom for the Known World
- Rebuilding the Dragon Population
- Uniting Essos and Westeros
- Female Empowerment
- Restoring her Divine Right to the Seven Kingdoms

Jon Snow with Lyanna Mormont
- Northern Sovereignty
- Rebuilding the Night’s Watch
- Allowing the Free Folk to Settle the Gift
- Inheritance Rights of Illegitimate Children
- Preparing for the Long Night

Cersei Lannister with Qyburn
- Bailing Out the Iron Bank
- Pro Trial by Combat
- Separation of Church and Crown
- Family Advocacy
- Revising Line of Succession to the Iron Throne

Littlefinger with Sansa Stark
- Small Business Growth
- Reducing Debt to the Iron Bank ...Read more
Jun 30, 2016
Vote For Game of Thrones's Best Husband Material!
Daario is not going to Westeros, he's staying put with the Second Sons and Ser Jorah in order to keep the peace in Mereen. Since Daenerys is going to Westeros, she needs to make alliances. The best way to make alliances is through arranged marriages.

Question is: Which one is the right bachelor to make a political alliance with?

5) Euron Greyjoy
On one hand, he already offered it. On the other hand, the only reason to marry him became irrelevant once Ellaria, Olenna and Yara put their own ships on the table. Not to mention, the Greyjoy siblings are open to change in a way their uncle isn't, Ellaria and Olenna open to vengance where Euron probably never will be.

4) Jaime Lannister
On the plus side, he was fired from the Kingsguard so he's now the head of the Lannister House and rightful owner of ...Read more
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Jun 13, 2016
Game of Thrones Quizzes
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Game of Thrones Quizzes
Jun 07, 2016
Vote For The Reunion You Anticipate The Most in Game of Thrones!
It's been 7 episodes in the making - some of them have been seasons in the making - the Game of Thrones reunions can be tragic, heartwarming, as crucial to the plot as they are for its characters and we're about to engage in several of them:

3) Arya and The Hound.
It's no coincidence that The Hound is the one looking for vengance where Arya is bleeding to death. They have completely switched places since the last time they saw one another. The broken man has learned what it feels like to walk in Arya's shoes. And Arya what it means to desert a master that only demands murder from you.

They developed a solid partnership based on grudging respect that was disturbing and funny as it was violent and sweet. He was the arms she cried on at the Red Wedding and the hands that killed ...Read more
May 30, 2016
The Trick To Stay Faceless: A Game of Thrones Discussion
It's been a long time since A man met the boy-that-becomes-a-girl and the girl who became a cup-bearer.

It's easy to see why Jaqen recruited her, which had nothing to do with the fact Arya saved his life or how violent she might have seemed against those who wronged her: she was already changing who she was - a high born, a potential Night's Watch brother, a girl - long before she started her training.

To supress her rage in front of Tywin and adjust to life among Gendry and Hot Pie, Arya learned how to serve amidst the horrors of Harrenhal, much like the slaves of valyria once did before they came to Braavos. It made her different somehow: taught yet not cared for, what made Arya happy were the little ironies that frustrated The Hound or made Brienne miserable.

Jaqen must share that sense of humor too ...Read more
May 23, 2016
Tormund and Brienne: A Game of Thrones Discussion
What do Jon Snow and Brienne of Tarth have in common? They have both caught the eye of a wildling that was kissed by fire.

It was crush at first sight for one Tormund Giantsbane, much like it once was for Ygritte. Rather than tease her the way Ygritte did with Jon, Tormund simply kept shut about the many things he saw at Hardhome - which Brienne indeed knew nothing - and let his eyes speak for him.

It was sweet, especially knowing that the wildling ways consist in stealing a woman from her home (and the woman is expected to fight every step of the way). And so, after he climbed the Wall to best Ser Allister in combat, was taken captive with three arrows stuck in his back and survived only to watch the rest of his people getting slaughtered by White Walkers, Tormund embraced the challenge to woo a ...
Read more
May 17, 2016
'Game Of Thrones' Season 6, Episode 4 Review: Book Of The Stranger DED
Spoilers through Season 6 of ‘Game of Thrones’ follow.
It was all well and good to see Jon Snow resurrected this season, but I never doubted that would happen to begin with. Viewers are ardent to know about what is next in the Game of thrones season 6 episode 4 after the official release for the synopsis of this episode. It is great show that has been plotted with various characters that fight to win the game in which only two options are there either to win or to die.
In this upcoming installments fans can see Littlefinger back on the screen in the search of salsa and even Tyrion that cracks a deal. Jorah and Daario both crawl for the difficult task and Lannister siblings Jaime and Cersei put their efforts for the improvement of situation.Great show of HBO Game of Thrones always remain great discourse due to ...
Read more
May 06, 2016
Question for book readers/show watchers
This question is directed at people who do both and have, at the very least, gotten through, well the book the Red Wedding is in.

Now, I know there is a document floating out there in the North and there is a underground Stark loyalty movement afoot basically waiting for Jon to make his move (there have been small indications in the show that this exists) but the document is one that makes Jon, Robb's heir. He did it just before the Red Wedding when he didn't have a son, believed Bran and Rickon were dead, believed also that Arya likely was and Sansa was married to Tyrion. Then no one knows who he gave it to.

Did this happen or indicate that it happened on the show?
May 03, 2016
Euron concerns (possible spoiler, possible crazy)
So, let me start out with this statement. I haven't read the books. I don't really intend to because they strike me as a series I might have gotten really irritated with somewhere along the way. I have no issue with spoilers, especially at this point in time where it seems pretty clear they are leaving certain things behind or reorienting them altogether. What I have done over the past two weeks is watch a bunch of You Tube videos (mainly rawrist) about the history of Westeros and mostly the events leading up to Robert's rebellion. I have also found that other articles have sort of given up the ghost on spoilers, but sort of revert to just hyperlinks to things with a its just too complicated to explain so they don't. But, I read an article on Euron Greyjoy and beyond just the dastardly pirate ...Read more
Jul 24, 2015
Is John Snow Coming Back on Game of Thrones?
Among the shocking deaths of Game of Thrones John Snow's death was never expected. I wish he come back again
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