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Oct 22, 2017
Game of Thrones S7E3 Photo Recap
The episode opens with Jon and Davos arriving at Dragonstone and Tyrion and Missandei greeting them.

Missandei asks them to drop their weapons.

They have small talk.

Dragons want to greet them too.

These two have a sass-off.


Later in Dany's presence:

Calm down Jon Snow. You're ...Read more
Sep 19, 2017
Vote For Your Favourite GoT Penultimate Episode
Inspired by @Ir2jules here’s a look back at one of the things GoT has become famous for, its penultimate episodes. For a reminder, read on then vote for your favourite in the poll and tell us why in the comments section.

Season 1 – Baelor

Season 1 was the epitome of perfection both riveting and shocking in equal measure.. The good guys got fucked and the hero died. It was my first introduction to GRRM’s phenomena of subverting the fantasy genre tropes. So imagine my surprise at Baelor, Ned Stark got his head chopped off. I could not believe ...Read more
Sep 17, 2017
Which is Your Favourite GoT Season Finale?
Over at Watchers, GoT fans were treated to the opportunity of clicking buttons and voting for their favourite season finale. I was merely going to share the link to the results but then I wondered what die hard TV.com users and GoT fans alike might choose as their favourite. Season six won and it's hard not to see why. It was certainly in my top three but not my No.1 With so few opportunities to click buttons and vote in polls on this site, I decided to turn it into a post instead. :)

So indulge me and read on for a reminder of season endings, vote in the poll that follows and share your reasons why in the comments section.

Season 1 – ‘Fire and Blood'

Tyrion arrives in King’s Landing. The Starks are in disarray after Ned's execution with Sansa a Lannister hostage, Arya fleeing ...Read more
Sep 13, 2017
Toni Watches Game of Thrones - A Recap Through Reactions - Seasons 6 & 7
My wacko recap-ramblings as I watch Game of Thrones seasons 6 & 7
Sep 13, 2017
Toni Watches Game of Thrones - A Recap Through Reactions - Seasons 4 & 5
My rambling, wacko reactions to Game of Thrones seasons 4 & 5
May 15, 2017
Trending news on Game of Thrones season 7

It is a norm for things to go wild when approaching the release date of Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones fans can get over the commercials and teasers that come up every now and then. New teasers are expected to be released by HBO as we get into the hot seat. The whole internet is expected to turn heads come this July.
The logic behind the fantasy and drama series sets a class apart that can’t be reached by common series. It still drives the Hollywood and global TV in addition to scooping awards one after the other. The teasers so far released are just a glimpse of what is coming as more trailers are to overtake the internet.

Games of Thrones season 7, as revealed by HBO will have several spin-offs to continue the entertainment. Different writers, including Max Borenstein have been booked to write the scripts ...
Read more
May 04, 2017
What do the Latest photos of Game of Thrones imply?
HBO never ceases to surprise Game of Thrones fans every now and then. It released photos of the upcoming season 7 directly emerging them from the scenes of the series. The photos show different major character well dressed and serious like never before. They are dressed in their new outfits and look incredible for the upcoming fantasy series. Everything looks to be on point but looks like HBO wants to keep us anticipating until the series come out. Here is what the photos might be revealing;

What’s in between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen?

From what we had known from the season 6, these two characters might be related, but there might be more drama behind us yet to be released. Jon Snow’s identity comes in phases as what we last knew from the last season was that he is a son of Lyanna Stark. The brotherhood and ...Read more
What did she think of _The Walking Dead_ and _Gilmore Girls_?
Dec 22, 2016
Game of Thrones' Lyanna Mormont Reviews the Year in TV
Game of Thrones' Lyanna Mormont Reviews the Year in TV
Which episodes will reign supreme?
Dec 01, 2016
Best TV Episodes of 2016
Best TV Episodes of 2016
Which performers were unforgettable?
Dec 01, 2016
Best TV Performances of 2016
Best TV Performances of 2016
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